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Welcoming YOU into 2024

HAPPY NEW YEAR from South Carolina!

I truly cannot believe that 2023 is over, all in the blink of an eye! Although this past year had so many incredible memories, unbelievable trips & unreal moments, it all went by SO FAST! I thought about making this first post of the year a “memories of 2023” entry, but a resolution of mine is to share the present moments & the reality of my life with y’all more here on Daily Shea Leigh! I am so looking forward to sharing on the blog & capturing more “me moments” while keeping up with what you all know & love from my instagram page!

I have taken the past few months (almost full year tbh) to recenter, back-up from sharing every little thing & soak up life because honestly, 2022 was a really tough year for me. Thankfully, 2023 helped me get back to praying about what I want, along with what God has in store for me. I know as I dive deeper into my faith again this year, God will be putting on my heart what is next & the path I need to be on.

I have so many ideas, passions, desires & thoughts for this year… I know you all do too! That got me thinking… what if I shared things you all are loving, going thru, advice you have, advice you need, topics you want to talk about & everything in between! This year, YOU are sharing too! I will be putting topic, question & advice boxes on my story & comment sections for you all to contribute your ideas to! Each week, one blog post will be dedicated to whatever y’all decide. It could be fun & lighthearted or even helping each other out with real-life conversations. Here, we all have each other & can find comfort in getting to know, understanding & helping strangers, friends & followers in day to day life. I am so excited about this!

This year, I have different resolutions for different parts of my life. Faith based, health/fitness, friends, family, work goals, places to go, ambitions to leap toward & I AM READY! This year I am making my first real vision board & I can’t wait to mark off each one that comes into fruitful in 2024!

I am beyond thankful for all of you that have been around for years, being a part of my life & allowing me to do this incredible dream come true as my career! I absolutely love y’all & still cannot believe that God & you all have helped me reach goals I never thought possible. God is good & faithful!

Come back to the site anytime to catch up, shop, chat, explore & join in on this year’s fun!!

Wishing you all the very happiest New Year full of good times, happy memories & moving forward in our goals in 2024!! I’m cheering each & every one of you on!


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