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LET'S GO. . . Everywhere!


Even as a little girl, I have always had the love & desire for travel! I was always first to grab the suitcase from the coat closet & fill it with any cute outfit ideas I had, even if that included Cinderella dresses on my trip to Mexico at five years old.


I never in a million years thought I'd be doing all of this as part of my career! With each new state, country & continent that I get the opportunity to explore & experience, the more thankful I am for a God that let's us live out the desires of our hearts, just as He promised in Psalms 37:4!

When I lost my best friend, who also LOVED traveling & living life to the fullest, it reminded me that every moment is truly a gift & finding joy in every moment of this life is the most important thing! Just like he used to always say, life is too short to be scared, so let's just go for it!  


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