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26th Birthday!

I cannot say thank you enough for all of the SWEETEST birthday wishes! I was so overwhelmed by the amount of y'all that reached out to make me feel special on my 26th birthday!! It was such a fun weekend filled with lots of fun with friends, tons of dancing & a Nash-bash style Saturday, aka the best way to wrap up 25!!

I thought about writing a post called "25 things I've learned in my 25 years" but I truly am still learning a lot from others, more about myself & who I am/want to be! This past year was one of the toughest, but also one of the most FUN years of my life! I did so much, met so many new people, traveled all over the world, saw new places, had lots of new experiences & grew closer to God that I ever have! I think a lot of bad had to happen this year, to get me back to where God needed me to be. I have read lots of verses that talk about being distant from God's path or needing Him in trying times & He leads you back with open arms full of comfort, joy & peace that you had been missing for a while. That is exactly where He has me today. I couldn't be more thankful for his everlasting grace & LOVE!

As wild, emotional, new & adventurous as 25 was... I am VERY ready for 26!!


Bring on another year!!


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