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Kitchen organization with tidy home

Guess who's back! Back again & taking on my kitchen DISASTER!

A few years ago The Tidy Home came over & completely transformed my closet into a masterpiece of organization! This time they helped out in my new home by getting my kitchen, laundry room, pantry & more into functioning condition!

What I love most about The Tidy Home team is that they know exactly how to make a space functional for everyday use, but also tie it all together to fit each person's individual style! They know the type of look I love to have in my home & they brought that to my kitchen project as well, especially down to the littlest details!!

The best part... I gave them ZERO instructions! I left town for a few days & they tackled the project while I was gone. I got home from my trip & I was BLOWN AWAY! I took a video of my reaction & sent it to them immediately! I knew they would kill it, but I was absolutely in LOVE with everything they did!!

Below are photos are how I left it, versus what I came home to!

Everything from the containers, the functionality, the personalized labels, the layout of each drawer & cabinet, everything was PERFECT! It has been a few months now & I can happily say that it is still in tip-top shape! They make everything neat & tidy, so it is easy to get/put things away so much quicker & keep it organized, even at my busiest!

Everything from the clear containers, the lazy Susan snack bins, glass jars to see when I'm running low on product, wicker baskets for hidden items, extra shelving & the custom labels make my entire kitchen finally feel like HOME! I can host, cook, clean & ENJOY my kitchen, pantry, laundry room & extra space so much more now that it is all easy to maintain! I don't have to worry about items falling over, cups getting stacked for miles, losing dishes, forgetting where things go or where items may be. They truly are the BEST of the BEST!

If you are thinking about getting ANY space in your home organized, ABSOLUTELY DO IT & have The Tidy Home help! They are now able to travel to YOU & fix up your space, wherever you may be. Whether it’s linen closets, kids rooms, office spaces, kitchens, play rooms, closets, bedrooms, bathrooms or just a daily space that you need decluttered & maintainable... they have you covered! I highly recommend checking out their INSTAGRAM & their WEBSITE to see all of their projects! You will be stunned at all of their work... plus it’s fun to watch their videos because they are absolutely HILARIOUS!! I love their work, their humor, personalities & best of all, their friendship!

I know so many of us are ready to get 2023 started off right & making small steps at home can change our entire day-to-day mood! Getting your space clutter free & neat can be a HUGE step in the right direction & doesn't have to be a big, complicated mess! They've got the best tips & tricks to help you out!! If you have any questions about my spaces that they have organized, feel free to shoot me (or them) a DM & check out their site for more information bout getting YOUR home organized with The Tidy Home!!


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