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Foot on the Gas

This week has been full of new life lessons, new intentions & has definitely been a BIG eye opener to a lot of us. I took some time off from posting ANYTHING on social media, aside from the typical snap of Tuck & Kip! I posted my heart of what is happening with the Black Lives Matter movement & your responses were so kind! I have always loved my followers & readers, but WOW! You all poured out your sweet words into my DMs & I felt so supported & also much more educated after! Thank you so so sooo much to everyone who reached out & helped to educate me more & more this past week! It WILL NOT stop here. I will keep my foot on the gas to do my part to show more kindness, love, movement & acceptance in this world!

I just wanted to hop on & say thank you to everyone because to be very honest, I was scared. I was scared of the hate, negative comments & threats that may have come my way. I was nervous that no matter how hard I tried, that my words wouldn't come out correctly. But I saw that it doesn't matter if your words are "right" because chances are, someone will find something "wrong" with them. It just matters that you SPEAK UP!!

I love you all so much! If you have any other articles, podcasts, videos, speeches, etc. that you have found educational & helpful with the BLM movement, please let me know in the comments below! Prayers for anything week of learning & supporting each other along the way!!

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