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'Seine' the Twinkling Eiffel Tower

Laying sick in bed all day today & I found this post from my trip to Paris & am not sure why I never shared it. I actually found lots of photos & posts from my 2019 travels that never saw the light of day, so perhaps 2020 will include sharing some past favorites from 2019! Since i am about to hit the hay for my tenth time on this sick-day, i hope you all enjoy this long over due post about a pretty little boat ride in Paris!!


Anytime on the water is a good time to me. Last night we had the most amazing boat ride along the Seine River. As soon as we set sail, there were fresh hors d’oeuvres, bubbling champagne & lots of beautiful views to see!

Along the river we got to witness the cutest little restaurants all lit up, looking like a must-be-at river party! The further down we went, the more beautiful it became! As the sun went down, the lights began to twinkle, & the next thing you know, the Eiffel Tower was by our side in its fullest sparkle! I have truly never seen a sight so perfect!!

We snapped as many photos as we could while it was going, going, going until the lights were gone! I wish everyone I love could have been there in that moment to see such a stunning sight. My goodness I need to come back here a million more times!

This trip has been so incredible. I still can't believe that every morning that i wake up here, the Eiffel Tower is right outside my window. Days & nights like this make me thank God a million times over for the life He has given me & these opposites to travel & do the many things that i love.

More to come from this trip, but for now, this is all that you will be 'Seine'

....too cheesy?

BTW: here are a few more snaps from the night as the tower twinkled & sparkled in all of it’s glory!!

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