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Holiday Traditions with MacKenzie-Childs

My house truly transformed into a HOME when I added MacKenzie-Childs pieces to it. It makes it fun, homey, put-together, classy & whimsical all at the same time! You all have seen me style their famous Courtley Check for a while now, but going to the home of it all in Aurora, New York this past summer gave me a brand new appreciation & love for the brand; one that I will cherish & share as a new tradition in my home forever!

I have always been a fan of our family traditions. My mom was very adamant about keeping each & every one of them going strong & steady. Whether it was coloring eggs for Easter, fireworks over the lake for the Fourth of July, or the matching pajammies with my brothers the night of Christmas Eve, she never misses a beat. Even after moving away, I can always go home for the holidays & bet my bottom dollar that I will be playing bunco & eating puppy chow the night before Christmas! Even going home for Thanksgiving, I know that the next day... it’s time to put up the tree.

This year will take a turn of traditional events. All of my family will be coming to Nashville to eat lots of turkey, play games & have family time at my home. I asked a while back if I could host it this year & was genuinely SHOCKED & beyond excited when they all said "YES." Maybe it was for the fact that I'd be in charge of all of the cooking & cleaning, but nevertheless, I am going to tell myself that they just wanted to be in my new home & spend some time in Tennessee for the holidays!

I am so ready get running with traditions to create on my own & even pass down as well!

Tradition number one... fun table decorations! This will be one of the EASIEST traditions to carry on with all of my MacKenzie-Childs pieces to help. I have been wanting this set as my dishes & flatware for SO long! I am so happy I finally get them all set up & put together. It truly ties together any holiday, celebration, or simple table & makes it stunning & fun for all of your guests!

The second tradition that's sure to stand... photos! My momma always takes family photos & I am so ready to get lots of pictures with my brothers & parents & everyone else in the family & share all over my home! Not to mention, they are sooo fun to decorate with too! This little set up is under my TV, so the photos will easily be seen as we lead into tradition number....

Three! Movie time! I LOVE holiday themed movies! My Papa Chuck always used to text us when Charlie Brown movies would come on & I miss that so much! You better believe that when I host Christmas, The Grinch & Four Christmases will be played each & every year!

Speaking of FOUR... the fourth tradition I am so excited for this holiday season is all of the food & treats! Mom always get a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving (shoutout to Sam's Club) but we also love baking & making other food! Hushwee is a family favorite, as well as sharing the task of deviled eggs for every holiday so my Ama & I can chow them all down! Dad takes care of all of the turkey, ham & other important items... & my brothers help with the clean up of it all! Bring on all of this cooking on my own this year... & wish me luck!

Last but not least, my personal favorite tradition when the family gets together.... BUNCO! It never fails. This brings laughs & the very best time. Grab a glass of wine or whatever holiday style cocktail my Aunt has created & get to playing! Oh by the way, MacKenzie- Childs has the cutest cocktail creating bar set! I can't wait to bust it out this holiday season!!

I wanted to throw some MacKenzie-Childs pieces in for people to see as soon as they walk into my home. The pumpkins & holiday pieces are sure to catch peoples' eye right off the bat! They have sooo many cute pumpkins, Christmas ornaments/trees, as well holiday wreaths to hang for anyone passing by from the outside to enjoy as well!

Nothing beats being home for the holidays, but this year is extra special having my own home as the gathering place. Having it all come together so perfectly with the help & gorgeous touch of MacKenzie-Childs is just the cherry on top! I can't wait to add even more to the collection to decorate for Christmas! Until then, I am soaking up all of these fall holiday feels! I hope everyone had an amazing Halloween weekend & isn't in a major sugar coma from all of the treats & candy!

Before we know it, Thanksgiving will be gobbling up & then it’s right into Christmas & BOOM - 2019 will be over! I can't believe how quickly it’s flying by! Get ready for more holiday content, lots go gift ideas & home decor faves from yours truly & the ever talented MacKenzie-Childs team! I can't wait to share it all soon!

xo, Shea Leigh

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