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Nordstrom Sale!

Alright y’all! It’s officially the most wonderful time of the year - The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! The sun is shining, God has blessed us with another day, & He has also blessed us with the incredibly low prices of thousands of items. Tomorrow it will officially be going on for ALL of the public! I just shopped & found so many amazing goodies, all at amazing prices. I snapped some quick pics afterwards so that I could share with y’all what I got for this coming fall season. Some of the pieces can even be worn now, as seen on my LTK. The sale has only just begun so shop while you can because these deals won’t last long. The earlier you shop, the better the chances are of getting everything that your heart desires!

Lilac Love:

Color Block Sweater:

Cozy Vibes:

I will also be posting lots of combinations of these pieces on my! as well as LOTS of try on sessions over the next few days! This is the easiest way to shop every single look that I wear. All you have to do is follow me, then as I post an outfit, every piece of that look will be linked for you to click on & shop directly. I have also been adding my sizing & TTS details as well for y'all, so that is there too! It is also the best way to shop all of my Instagram pictures & secret posts that I share along the way!

Twist Sweater:

Mad for Plaid:

As y’all can see there are so many adorable pieces that y’all can wear it from now, into the fall, enjoying all winter long,…… Honestly all year round. The prices are so low that they can’t be beat

and you will for sure want to shop while everything is still in stock. This is the biggest sale of the year for Nordstrom so things go fast! I will be sharing more pieces here on the blog as time goes on, as well as on my like to know it. If you shop the sale let me know and send me lots of pics of what y’all get!! I love seeing all of the amazing deals that you guys come up with. If you have a favorite look from this post, and what it is below so I can turn it into a blog post ASAP!!

I hope this gave you guys a little more insight into what is available during the Nordstrom sale. If you are not a card holder that’s OK! You can still browse now that it is OPEN to the public! Remember to put each item you love in your cart & shop fast because items go SO quickly during these next few hours!! Happy shopping, y'all!

Xo, Shea Leigh

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