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The Belmond Place - Charleston

Jess & I were so incredibly honored to stay at The Belmond Place while visiting Charleston. We were treated like queens the moment we set foot in the hotel. The lobby was an instant dream! It all began with a walk down beautiful tile floors, gazing up at the dazzling chandelier & going around the grand stair case - all contributing to an unbelievable start to our vacation.

Once we got to our room we relaxed for a bit, then decided to tour around the hotel. There were restaurants, shops & luxury goodies everywhere! From Louis Vuitton to Gucci, I was at full temptation to be swiping my card all weekend. However, Dave Ramsey taught me better & I refrained. We did stop in for some wish-list note taking though. We then decided to stop into the sports bar restaurant in the hotel, Meeting at Market, for a quick bite to eat!

The front desk told us all about the food & how there is constantly new items being put out on the club level floors. But I was NOT prepared for how amazing this would all be!

Every couple hours there would be a new assortment of incredibly delicious & beautifully styled food! There was morning breakfast buffets full of fruit, yummy cake towers, eggs, bacon, biscuits & so much more. Then afternoon cheese trays, into evening appetizers of shellfish & meats, all in creative little bites. The menu was an abundance of goodness all day long! There was not a single time of day that we didn't stop by at least once to try out the new dishes laid before us on the top floor. There is also a bar up with the sweetest bartenders, no matter who you may visit! There was also a wonderful Happy Hour of course! After a few drinks from a night out, you can happily order an entire pizza in the middle of the night & have it sent to your room. Room service truly is a blessing in many ways!

There is also a rooftop area you will NOT want to miss!! Up there you can find the pool, spa & of course the rooftop bar. We dressed up a bit, but it is mostly casual up there! Is it definitely a perfect place to spend your sunset-time-of-night with a cocktail in hand, overlooking the beautiful city!

{even if it is a bit windy... hahaa}

Everything at The Belmond was incredible! The only extra note I would add was one small misunderstanding. They do have Ubers, drivers & shuttles at the hotel. However, as I was leaving, the shuttle was unable to go to the airport at the time they has scheduled for me, so they called a driver. The hotel charges just $20 for the shuttle so I didn't mind that. The driver that was called by the hotel was an outside cab & I had to pay $65 to get to the airport with him, as opposed to the cost that my Uber estimated $18 at the time. I thought that with the hotel calling that it would still be the $20, but it was a completely different driver set up. Just a small little thing that can EASILY be fixed if you know that anyone else may be driving you. I still greatly appreciated them calling me the car, however I should have asked about the price coverages before taking it to the airport. If they have your shuttle available at the hotel, the drivers are all very nice, so definitely be sure to ride with them! If it is unavailable, grab yourself an Uber for your quick trip. See more & book your stay at or visit them on instagram to see more amazing pictures of their stunning hotel!

I could not have been more pleased with the service, attentiveness & hospitality of The Belmond. The locations was PERFECT to have everything right there in walking distance. The staff was kind as can be. It was kept neat & clean not only in our room, but throughout the hotel as well!

I would highly recommend putting The Belmond at the top of your list when looking for places to stay while visiting Charleston. It truly will make your holiday time incredibly more convenient & memorable!

Jess & I are already looking to book another #SJTravel vacay! Where should we go this fall...? Comment your ideas down below or head over to my instagram to let me know!

Thank you all for taking time to catch up here on the site & be sure to shop all these looks HERE on my LTK! Have a great rest of your week!

Love y'all sooo much!

xo, Shea Leigh

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