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Summer Favorites / Bucket List

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Summertime can be as sweet as your favorite lemonade if you let it be. It seems as though the world opens up & becomes of a never-ending list of entertaining things to do. I have the most amazing memories of my past summers, full of adventures that I will never forget. Some of them are simple & "in the moment" type of memories that are as effortless as sitting by the fire with friends. Others are exciting vacations that I went on with friends & family.

There are a few things that stand out to me when I think about my happiest times with tan lines.

1. Dad grilling out by the pool as we all play & lay out

(realizing now we should have done more to help.)

2. Sonic trips after laying out for hours upon hours with my always fun- never a dull moment- friends, Shmilee & Shmalee. Drinking coconut waters & eating our weight in corndogs all summer long.

3. CMA Fest is a Nashville fave & always a highlight of the summer!

4. Fourth of July fireworks at Canon Park, or watching them from our house down by the lake. We'd all carry down our lawn chairs & sit back to "Ohhh!" & "Ahhhh!" at the bursts of booming light! Now I watch them here in Nashville downtown & it is seriously the most insanely impressive show!

5. Obviously, as y'all can see from the photos, cookouts, BBQs & s'mores are always a great time!

6. Bike riding to the park, roller blading down the street, basically any sort of non-walking transportation possible was always a great time!

7. Sitting out by the pool listening to music until the sun goes down & you can finally feel how abscent-mindedly burnt you've gotten as the day went on (Kenny Chesney, FGL, Luke Bryan... all the country feels!)

8. Summer vacations with my family to Mexico! Last time we went I brought my friend Jaylee with me & it was such a blast!

9. Getting a group together & going downtown for dinner & then helllllo Karaoke Bar! Sing a few classics, dance your booties off & enjoy the best girl's night ever!

10. Lake days. Lake days. Lake days!

Summer is rolling in quick, especially with these quick-rising temps. I have made my summer bucket list full of things that I want to do this summer. Some are small, but all of them are just what I need this summer season! Here are just a handful of my must-do list makers:

1. Travel out of the country

2. Go to lots of fairs (mostly for the fair food)

3. Travel somewhere new

4. Go to at least 10 new Nashville restaurants

5. Start riding my bike more (it’s a cute bike so that helps)

6. Blog more often to share with y'all

7. Hit up the farmer's market as often as possible

8. Road trip with friends

9. Hike to more waterfalls

10. Live as similar to Mamma Mia as possible aka sing & dance with friends like no one is watching!

Now enjoy this real life progression of how messy & unflattering s'mores truly are in reality... with slight attempts at trying to recover & look semi-cute...

Everyone from every place in the world has a different summer experience & I'd love to hear how y'all spend your sweet summertime! Comment below or head back on over to this post on Instagram & let me know how y'all live it up in the summer heat! Also, what's on YOUR summer bucket list? I need more to add to my list this season & y'all are always so full of creative & fun ideas! Be sure to let me know so I can make a few extra memories too!

Enjoy the rest of y'all's week & get ready for some vacay pics coming soon from me! Stay tuned into my insta-stories to see where I'm headed this weekend!

xo, Shea Leigh

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