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Always A Good TIME

Hey y'all! This weekend was sooo much fun celebrating my big brother's graduation & Mother's Day back in my hometown! I have been so busy with all sorts of things happening in life, but wanted to stop by to share this look with y'all that was on my story a few days ago!



I wear MVMT watches all the time & now they have a new line of watches & bracelets. I just got new ones in & wanted to show y'all how cute they are! You can find them here, as well as more of my favorite watches from them as well!

Use code shea15 for $15 off!

You can also see every piece of this outfit laid out, item by item, all on my! If you FOLLOW me, you will be sure to see all of my looks. I also share special OOTD details, home decor ideas & different little details here & there! Also it means SO MUCH to me when y'all follow me on there, so thank you a million times again & again for following along on all my social medias!

If you have any questions about products, clothing, or anything at all, be sure to tweet me your FAQs on twitter to my profile @SheaLeighMills!

I hope you all enjoy the weekend ahead!

xo, Shea Leigh

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