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Carry-On Favorites

Alrighty y'all! This is a spin-off version of a HIGHLY requested blog post! WHAT DO I PACK WHEN I TRAVEL? CARRY-ON EDITION!

I am leaving tomorrow for a trip & couldn't be more excited! I went to Target last night to grab a few extra things to restock since my last trip. I am sharing some of my favorite items to throw into my carry-on, as well as my favorite bags/luggage to put all of the goodies in!


After traveling I tend to feel not so clean & tidy, so I like to carry some different items to help fix that. First, I pack cleaning wipes to clean my seat, head rest & tray on the plane. It may be over dramatic, but you never know who or what sat there before. You could be wiping away Brad Pitt's germs, but better safe than sorry!

Next, I pack my mini {& cute} Kleenex because helllllo allergy season. Gotta throw those babies in ever bag that I carry!

If you haven't ever used deodorant wipes, time to give them a try & change your life. Wipe those on after a day of checking in, going through security, boarding, flying, getting all your stuff together & you'll still smell as fresh as a daisy. Or whatever scent you choose.... Pacifica has lots of great options & they work well, so I always go for those.

I always keep powder in my purse, but I have an extra for travel just incase one breaks while getting thrown around the flight. Blotting papers are great too, but they tend to take off my make up so I lean toward powder for the most part.

Lastly, throw in some gum & your favorite perfume/lotion to spray on after getting off of the plane & you're refreshed & ready to enjoy your trip!


If you are a frequent flyer then you may have a full stock of Dramamine at all times... aka me. This helps with motion sickness as well as being super nauseous during the flight. It also helps me sleep better through turbulence.

Allergy season is among us, so Claritin & Tylenol is a MUST have this time of year!

Last but not least for this department... a cookie or snack. I claim that this is for low blood sugar, but let's get real. I get real HANGRY, real quick! It's just better for everyone around if I keep these near.


I like to find a new book for trips. It is easier for me to relax & really dig into them when I am able to focus on just that at the time. For this trip I chose Refresh by Shona & David Murray.

When the book is away, I stay on my phone constantly, so it dies fairly fast. This charger & cord are cute & easy to pack up quick when it’s time to board!

Part of that quick dying phone may be caused by music, so don't forget your earbuds & adapter for all of your Spotify needs!


I do take my purse on my flights as well, so that holds most of my basic stuff that I have with me daily, that I also use on my flights.

Lip Balm. Make up. Wallet. Sunglasses. Lotion. Hand Sanitizer. Dry Shampoo.

ALL the goods!


For this trip I am carrying my Louis purse as my extra bag & my Delsey carry-on for extra clothes, my camera & laptop that I wanted to stay with me the entire time. In my tips below you will see why I linked smaller bags as well.

Obviously my carry-on items change depending on my trip, but for the most part they stay the same. Along the way, I have learned some tips & tricks for carry-ons so I'll share mine & if you have any, PLEASE feel free to comment them on my insta pic with this post!

1. Use separate bags

I have cute little VS bags that keep my things in separate categories. Beauty. Medicine. All kind of going with the lists above!

2. Put liquids in ziplock baggies

Just in case something spills, it keeps from ruining everything else!

3.Keep it light

You don't want to be hauling a 20 pound bag around the airport. Be sure to limit what you REALLY need with you & what you can pack on your normal luggage.

4. Keep your important stuff close

Like I said above, I do keep my expensive or important things with me. Such as my laptop, camera, jewelry, & any sort of thing that I don't want to risk losing or breaking.

5. Pack one extra

In case your luggage gets lost, you don't want to be stuck with nothing at all, so pack an extra pair of undies, a top, some shorts & toothbrush if you bring a bigger/rolling bag. You can never be too safe.

Shop the outfit & travel faves from the top pic here:

I am so ready to be with my girlfriends this weekend & get some fun spring material for y'all! Any guesses on where I'm headed? Head over to my post & comment where you think I'll be these next few days. Also, be sure to keep up with my insta-story to see all that we get into during my trip!

You will also be able to shop all of my outfits from my vacay. All you have to do is follow me on & you can get each piece, similar or the exact same, from every look!

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