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Self Tanning Faves

One of my most frequently asked questions is "What do you use for your tan?"

I have shared it on my instagram stories, my blog in the past, as well as saved to my beauty highlights. However, I decided to make a new, updated post to share with y'all again so it could easily be found all in one place!

First, I am always sure to use a good exfoliator. I'm not too concerned about spending money on a really good one because I'm mostly just trying to get all the dead skin off so the tanner has a clean surface to soak into. Also, be sure to shave as well so it doesn't get all caught up on any hair that may be poking out! It will make it settle into the pores & cause discoloration.

There is one exfoliator that is a bit pricier, but I can see a huge difference when I use it. I'll share that one as well with these listed below. I order my normal ones from Walmart or Target just to keep it simple & lots of times they have online deals or coupons on the beauty/bath categories!

You can use a primer as well if you need a bit of moisture after exfoliating & shaving in the shower. These are three of my favorite, one with an exfoliator + primer all in one!

Now for tanners, there are a few different options. There's lotion, foam, spray or oil! I have tried different options & I occasionally layer up, ending with lotion. I do need to also add that when I am home in Nasvhille & have time, I do like to go to my local tanning place & get a spray tan since it is quick & convenient. However, for as much as I travel & leave town, these are the products that have always done wonders for my tan! Lots of times my favorites are available in kits so that you have the mitt, primer, mist/foam & lotion all in one!

For my face I am careful because I have sensitive skin. There are only a few that I can use for my face & the ones listed below have never broken me out or caused an issue!

If you re looking for just your basic, throw it on & go tanner, then these are the ones for you! They are easy to use & work the best out of all of the many tanners that I have tested out for myself!

A lot of the time, once my tan is done & my color starts to kick in, I will be ready for some shine on top of it as I'm headed to an event or shoot! These products have never failed me & I promise you'll love them too!

Hopefully this gives a bit more insight on what I use & my process of getting that year round tan! If you have tried any of the products or have a fave that I need to try, let me know in the comments below! If you try any of these & love them, shoot me a message so I can hear how it worked for you!

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xo, Shea LeigH

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