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Let's Go to Disney World

Hunner says to me:

"Hey babe, would you wanna go to Disney?"

"Yeah, like this summer?"

"No, like this weekend..."

ANNNND let the planning begin. With just three days notice, I began project "Get Shea & Hunner to Disney on a budget!" Somehow, some way, I got it all together & we had such a fun, spontaneous trip!

We did a handful of Disney's "must-do" activities & snapped some pics along the way. Usually I do my best to capture lots about my vacations to share with y'all with my camera. However, this trip was so quick & full of on-the-go fun, that this is more of the real life, iPhone type of photos, as opposed to a classic, pro-photo filled travel blog post! Either way, we had a blast & I'm happy to share some of our time away with y'all!

The best way to survive a 10 hour road trip is with good music (High School Musical & Hannah Montana playlists) junk food (extra cheddar goldfish, buncha-crunch & sour patch kids) & my best buddy (HUNNER!)

We got to our horrible hotel infested with bugs, then immediately switched on over to the beautiful Rosen Centre hotel in Orlando... which was thankfully bug-free & incredible! You can see more from the hotel here & tell them I sent you: Rosen Centre Hotel

Of course we had to stop for some yummy pizza at Giordano's on i-drive!

Shop this look here!

When I was a little girl & would go to Disney with my family, we would go to Chef Mickey's & it was one of my favorite parts of our trip. I knew it was a must for Hunner on his first time here!

If you have kids or a group of enthusiatic friends that are truly kids at heart, I would highly recommend going to Chef Mickey's. There is constant dancing, music & the characters come out to visit & take pictures with the crowd. It is a bit expensive, but so worth it for amazing food & the fun memories. It is a perfect way to start your Disney vacay!

Next we headed to Animal Kingdom & explored the safaris, Pandora World & species from different countries... including multiple monkeys that Hunner thought he was in fact speaking to.

{I love giraffes so this was clearly an exciting moment for me}

Animal Kingdom was so fun! We loved the safari ride seeings lots of animals just out & about doing their things. If you go, you must absolutely, 100% take the time to do the Avatar ride! It is so amazing & such an incredible thing to see. I cried like a baby during the last part of it because it was so beautiful! As over dramatic as it may sound... just go on the ride & you'll understand.

Now off to Epcot!

Epcot is all about the opportunity to dive into different countries & cultures. The food is so amazing & the architecture of the different areas is so neat to see. Each country has different areas to explore & learn more about. We didn't stay long because we got sooo tired & headed back to the hotel to get ready for Downtown Disney later that night!

Oh yeah & we stopped by the Orlando Eye & some shops/restaurants over on i-drive!

Our Disney trip was so amazing & such a fun getaway! It is always great to go & have the best time with your wonderful guy. Hunner & I both loved so many different parts of the trip. I asked him for 2-3 sentences about his favorite parts of the trip, food we had, or rides around Disney... & this is what he sent me:

"So where to start. The Disney trip and adventure that I took with my girlfriend was absolutely amazing. Yeah the car ride was super-long but honestly it was great just being able to go across the states with her. I had never been to Disney World so I knew that it was going to be a great experience for me anyways and having Shea tag along was just a plus for me. She made the trip so much better and honestly kept me smiling the entire four days. The first day we woke up my girlfriend surprised me with pretty much the best 🎁 gift for the whole trip. She surprised me with a five-star breakfast that I never even assume would happen. That sweet gestures and thing that she did for me is the reason I love her so much. Because she works so hard at making things awesome. I remember the first place we went to was Animal Kingdom and honestly that was the one I was waiting for. It was so cool being able to see all the different animals. Some that I've actually never even seen before. We spent the whole day there and got so exhausted that when we got back to the hotel we both passed out so quick. I felt like a little kid again walking into Animal Kingdom. Just how Disney does everything is so magical and they make everything so easy and perfect. The second and third park we went to was Epcot and Magic Kingdom. It was so cool being able to see all the different countries and how they go about their lives. The architecture that they had built to show each country and how different they were was really cool to me. I've never experienced something like that before let alone with my girlfriend. I could say a lot more but honestly one of the best parts about the trip if not the best was when I got to watch the fireworks with my girlfriend late at night while also seeing all the magic happen right in front of us. This trip is something I'll always remember for the rest of my life and it couldn't have been completed without AGAIN the hard work of my beautiful girlfriend Shea Leigh Mills ❤️"

He is just the sweetest darn thing. A little mixed up on the sequence of events, but he tried so it’s fine!!

Of course the photos from this post may not create a full on, professionally done post. It is more of our own picture experience throughout our trip. So to add on to that, here are some snap chat pics from our time as well!

I am so happy I got to run into my beautiful cousins, Charlee Kay & Kaylee. We used to spend our spring breaks together in Disney, so it was just like old times!

I am so thankful for a safe trip to & from Orlando with my amazing boyfriend. We ate delicious food, made lots of memories & had the best time. I learned so much about where to stay, what to do & how to navigate Disney better for next time... because we will for sure be back! Who wouldn't love to go back to the most magical place on Earth?!

Have any good Disney World tips or tricks? Let me know in the comments below for our next time around!!

xo, Shea Leigh

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