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Least Expected Locations - Olive Dress

I am finally getting around to sharing more of my Orange Beach pics now that I can actually sit & write it all out! I'm in the car headed to Disney World with Hunter, so he is currently driving & I am writing away to get these looks to y'all! This is one of my faves so I wanted to get it out to you!

I got this dress last year from The Pink Lily & loved it for this trip. It is not currently available on their site right now, but it is going to be back in the fall! Their new arrivals are tooooo cute! You can see all of them here!

I did find one almost identical, available for y'all to shop & also links to the rest of the look, including these shoes from Pink Lily as well!

It is always fun to throw in little details from posts so you can see more real life of what is going on behind the scenes!

Also, people always ask about where I find my locations for photos, so here is a real life example of how un-fabulous it can actually be behind the scenes. These photos were taken after driving around, looking for a photo-op spot & finding none other than.....

The Hampton Inn! {hahaha} Just remember, anytime you see bloggers or instagrammer posting cool shots, just know that it isn't always what it may seem!!

More Disney pics to come! Be sure to watch my instagram story to see all of the fun/confusion Hunner & I have been getting into. We sure are learning a lot along the way during this Disney experience. Want to see a Disney Tips/Tricks or Do's/Don'ts? Let me know in the comments below!

xo, Shea Leigh

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