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Perfect Gift for the BF

I have been trying to get my boyfriend to hint at gifts that he would like to have for Christmas, but he keeps saying the same ole cheesy line... "I don't need anything else, I already have you."

Yeah, that's sweet... but what do you really want? I finally found the perfect one stop shop for all of the perfect gifts for my sweet guy!!

Southern Shirt is been a brand that I have worked with, trusted & loved for a while now! I have so many of their pretty bright t-shirts, their cozy sweatshirts & outerwear. Now my boyfriend is getting to experience their amazing line of men's clothing with these new gifts!

For Hunter I picked out a few things that I knew he would love!

All of these pieces will go together perfectly, no matter the combination! They are all great colors, perfect for this season, but can also be used any time of year. Don't tell Hunter, but I got the Caribou Sherpa vest similar to his pullover. I just couldn't resist. I will be showing y'all soon, but you can find it HERE now!

Also, I have been LOVING this Loop Knit Sweatshirt! They have LOTS of fun colors to choose from! These are a must have from SSC; I have two & love them so much!

I knew this post was going LIVE today so Hunter & I exchanged presents last night. He loved all of these gifts from Southern Shirt so much! He immediately threw on his Heather Sherpa & wore it all during movie night. (He likes the apartment cold, so it was the perfect comfy jacket for him & a soft cuddle shirt for me!} All of these are amazing products & I can promise you see will more from SSC on the blog soon!

While you browse & shop, use code:


for 15% off your entire purchase!

ALSO! You can get your order in 2 DAYS on orders of $125 or more with code 2DAY!

I hope any of you girls out there that were struggling with a gift for your brother, dad, grandpa, or special guy, that you were able find something here! Go check out SSC's site with any of the bold links above & find that perfect present for your perfect guy!

Thank you all for checking out this post! I know it is getting closer & closer to Christmas, so be sure to get your orders in ASAP! And use those codes to save some money & get your order in just two days!

Happy shopping everyone!

xo, Shea Leigh

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