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Sweet Tea & Love from Buddy

Striped Off Sholder Top

I got this ADORABLE off-shoulder top from Buddy Love in a fun little collab with them. The material is great & shipping was quick. Lots of great looks for spring & summer styles!

Black Jeans

Grey Toned Cowgirl Boots

I linked a similar pair of boots for y'all. I couldn't find the exact boots I have on considering I got them at Marshall's for just $13 a while back. Such a great deal, especially for how cute & comfortable they are!! You can catch me wearing my boots here & there, more so in the summer with my jeans shorts or sundresses.

Kristalize Jewelry

insta: @kristalizejewelry

I am obsessing over my new necklaces & bracelets that I got from Kristalize Jewelry on my visit to Parlour Three here in Nashville! Check out her website & insta in the links above to see all of her pretty as can be jewelry from chokers, to bracelets & more!

Thank you to my pretty-pretty friend, Hannah Neese for going to eat lots of yummy food & snap some photos for me on this lovely day around the city. Her blog is so great, y'all would absolutely love it! Blog:

Insta: @Hannah_Neese

If you have ever been out to eat with me at any restaurant at any given time, you will know my drink order by heart, aka the best drink of all... a good ole Arnold Palmer! Hannah & I ran to a new restaurant here in Nashville {post coming soon!} When I asked for my half sweet tea/half lemonade, the girl lit up real bright & said "I didn't know anyone else drank those! That's my favorite!" She hurried back with it real quick, even though the restaurant was slammed. Such a sweet girl, helping me treat my sweet tooth!

Not only was the drink great {as usual}, but the entire meal was. Where did we go? Find out in a foodie post coming up on!


Xo, Shea Leigh

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