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Little Feet, Happy Wallet

Happppy March!!

Lots of new stuff coming y'all's way this month! Lots to catch up on too!

The day before leaving for Illinois a while back, Preston & I got together & shot some new stuff around The Gulch with the free time we had. I helped him get some shots for his portfolio, while he snapped some pics of this outfit while it was freezing cold & the wind was strong! After two purple hands & tangled up hair from gusts of wind, here is a quick look at this cozy style!!

I had my eyes on these shoes for so long until I ended up getting them. Here's the thing:

I got them from Target... in the kid section... on sale... for $9!!

God's favor on that one! Praise the Lord for little feet & good deals!

I hope y'all enjoy the rest of your week! I know school is finally starting to consume my schedule, as well as everyone else's. Luckily Spring Break is right around the corner! This next week is a little more laid back, so hopefully I will be getting some new stuff out your way! If you have any requests just let me know & I will try my best to get it on the blog for you!! Love y'all!

Xo, Shea Leigh

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