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Partner Training with Nat

I get asked all the time what my workout routine is & to be honest, I don't really have a set routine that I do. I just kind of do what I feel needs to be worked out whether it's certain body workouts, lots of cardio, or some real good stretching. I like to change things up between Barre classes, rollerblading, kickboxing, self-workouts & working out with friends.

THANKFULLY one of my very best friends, Natalie, has become a personal trainer & is helping me out with some new partner combinations for when she comes to kick my booty into shape!

We got together the other day to collect & capture some easy workouts that you can do with your workout buddy. So check out the moves, grab a partner & let's get to toning!

Keep in mind, I do not know all the fancy jargon & correct terminology for these moves, so I am just dumbing it down in my own words!

First you will want to do some light cardio to get your blood pumping & heart racing.

Nat suggested jogging/running, jumping rope, or whatever is easiest for you as a warm up.

After a little cardio, we hit my least favorite, but very necessary workout- pushups. I can't do more than 10 but doing them in reps helps a lot for having breaks in-between!

Lemon squeezers are one of my favorites! Sit on your booty, push your legs out in-front of you then squeeeeeeze your abs to pull your legs into your chest. I keep my hands behind me if I start to lose balance, but you can challenge your balance by putting them infront of your chest.

To work the legs, booty & abs at the same time, Nat & I did this move, great for partners! Stand back-to-back with your partner, dip into a squat, then pass a weighted medicine ball to each side, tucking in your core each time you twist!

As you can tell, we like to work. those. abs. For this core killer we kept the medicine ball, hit the ground & go into sit up position. Lay on your back, legs between your partner's legs & sit up, passing the ball back & forth each time you come up. Keep in mind while passing to tuck your belly in so you are getting as much out of this workout as possible!

Nat looks way better doing this, in case you decide to do some solo moves between workouts. Or if your buddy needs a break...aka a quick snack.

Finish up by stretching you muscles out, walking or light jogging to cool down, & then grab your favorite protein shake to help your muscles recover. If you want to be as kick- butt as Natalie, you can throw yourself on your head & do some insane yoga poses. I however will sit back at chill my body out.

Outfit details:

As I have said in a past post, yes I feel super awkward while I work out unless I am at the gym at my apartment on my own. No, I don't do all of the poses & moves perfectly, BUT I do kick my booty & work hard. I refuse to change my diet drastically {I need my daily does of sweets} or start working out so hard that I nearly pass out, but I do know my body & know how to push myself to get desired results when I really want to reach my goal.

If you need some assistance or you have any questions, feel free to let me know! Nat is so good & will give the best advice & feedback for workouts! If you want to see more, let us know & we can put some more stuff together to post for y'all to see. Some of my favorite workouts are going to be coming in a new post soon, so let me know if you'd want another post like this, or if you have a better idea that works for you, just comment below or shoot me a message!

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week & thank you again for checking out this post with my fit as heck best friend, Natalie!

To see more from her, check her out on instagram @nattle.bee!

XO, Shea Leigh

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