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Hair Care

I never imagined I would get emails, comments, & messages sent to me about my hair, but it is now becoming normal to get asked about it EVERYDAY! Which is crazy to me considering I don't do anything to it half the time, as I rush out the door for class or whatever I am running to.

I figured I would just make a full post to share my favorite products & items with links to shop right from this page to get your hands on it as quickly as possible! Just click on the bold text to be taken right to the page of where you can purchase these products! It may take you to to shop the items, but just enter your email to make an account & you'll be able to shop my looks straight from instagram & the blog!

PS. No, these products aren't going to cost you hundreds of dollars at the salon. No, I don't have extensions {& never have.} Most of them are available at Target & Walmart. We gotta ball on a budget here...

Get Clean

I change up my shampoos & conditioners depending on what my hair needs at the time. My hair is naturally beachy/wavy, which I love! But it is also frizzy, so I have to tame it!

I go back & forth between Head and Shoulders Shampoo/Conditioner & Whole Blends Conditioner to wash & moisturzie. Then I use my purple shampoo from UNITE once a week to keep my blonde the tone that I like!

I usually do my conditioner twice at least one time a week to really just get the frizzy mess gone!

Fresh Out of the Shower

Once I am out of the shower, that is when my actual product comes in. I put a few different items in my hair to take car of the protection, smoothness, shine, & all tameness of it!

{This stuff will SAVE your ends from breaking! It is a life saver. Highly highly highly recommend}!

*comb it all thru*

I like to blow dry my hair before bed now, or once it is starting to dry on its own. I used to never even touch the blow dryer & had no idea how to even use it. But it is now one of my daily routine items.


Once my hair is dry & I begin styling it, I use my HOT TOOLS CURLING IRONS.

This is the result of wrapping pieces of hair around a 1 inch barrel.

Here is what a 1 1/4 Inch will do when you wrap it normal without the clamp, almost like wand:

This is my quick, natural looking wave with my 1.5 Inch Barrel that I can fly thru my hair in 5-10 minutes & leave it in a slight volumous curl to get my hair moving without much work!

& yes, if i decide to just tousle my hair and tame it as well as I can, this is the result:

My natural hair changes every day depending if I sleep on it wet or style it with products when drying it. It is a constant difference of straight, wavy, & curly! Guess the good Lord is just keeping me on my toes with that one!


I have not been using hair spray a lot lately, just because I am trying to keep my hair soft & "gunk" free! I am OBSESSED with my FAVE 4 HAIR TEXTURE SPRAY!! It hold's my hair in place & gives it that texture to keep my hair curled, without damaging my hair or making it sticky! I will occasionally spray UNITE BOOSTA SRPAY on my roots when wet, or I'll sprinkle UNITE POWDER in my roots to add some volume once my hair is completely dry & styled. Just depends how close to Heaven I want my hair to be!

I know there is a lot of information here & it may be confusing on when to use each product but hopefully this will give an idea of what I use & how I get my hair styled {when I actually decide to do it!}

For the full list all in one click the link below & create a account to shop straight from the source!

If y'all have any more questions feel free to shoot me a message or comment below!

Thank you for all the sweet comments & DMs about my hair! It is so sweet that y'all reach out & send your love! It means so much to hear such kind words from y'all! I can't wait to hear from you about this post!

Have a great rest of your week & happy hair styling!

Xo, Shea Leigh

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