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Why I Only Have Beautiful Friends

This past summer I read "You're Beautiful Heart" by Lauren Scruggs. It changed how I viewed my relationship with God, my friends & it changed how I look at myself. It made me look at the people I have in my life & think "Are they beautiful?"

No, not "Do they have good hair?" or "Is their skin clear without make up?"

It made me think "Is she beautiful on the inside?" "Do we support each other?" "Can I confide in her during difficult situations?" "Are we able to pray together & talk about our walk with the Lord?"

I decided that I needed to fill my life with beautiful friends, with beautiful hearts.

"Charm is deceptive &

beauty is fleeting,

but a women who

fears the Lord is to be praised!"

Proverbs 31:30

In Lauren's book she talks about many situations where her friends were on different paths than she was, but she always kept her relationship with God a priority, even if it meant losing those people in her life that she felt so close to.

{Something I tend to fall short of in my weaker moments}

She was able to surround herself with her friends that may not be an idea of the "perfect Christian" but then again, none of us are. I looked at how she removed negativity & turned that into sharing positive ways of her life with others. This truly inspired me.

I took a close look at the girls I had been friends with in the past, who I am friends with now, & the type of friends I would want for my future self. I am so happy to look at who I am close to & confidently say to myself "THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!"

My girlfriends are kind, compassionate, determined, & humble. They support me in my endeavors, & encourage me to get up whenever I fall down. They come to me on bad day & we celebrate the good. We trust, we laugh, we can cry, & we create the best of memories when we are together.

It is so refreshening to have friends that will talk about situations with an open mind, & not stir the pot of drama that is so easily circulated.

Instead of assuming the worst of situations, I can now see more sides to what may be, & what really is going on with particular things I may have jumped to conclusions about.

I have always gotten anxiety from stressing over friendships that are hit & miss, full of drama, & always felt one-sided.

There is a peace in your heart knowing that the girls you connect to on a Godly level will be more like sisters & you'll wonder how you got separated at birth once you meet them. You'll see how God works in all of your lives, the plans He has for you, & the goals you are able to obtain in your friendship down the road.

I am beyond blessed for the girlfriends in my life that I connect to & have the loving, tender-hearted relationship that every girl wants with their best friends.

Find your sisters in Christ.

Find your Proverbs 31 women to keep close.

Pray with them. Grow with them in the Word & in your lives as time goes on. These are the friendships that will continue on for a lifetime, filled with sharing of shoes, belly-aching laughs & the very best of times.

Find your friends with A BEAUTIFUL HEART & thank the Lord for them everyday.

XO, Shea Leigh

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