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Welcome in, 2017!!

As most people would say about 2016, it had a lot of surprises. A lot of twists & turns. But it also had SO many blessings! I quit different jobs, tried new things, met new people, & found more of who I am, as well as who I am becoming. I got closer to God. {We had some disagreements, but we figured it out.}

I found out more about people & a lot about myself. I had so much fun & made so many amazing memories with the most incredible friends.

I launched & I cannot thank y'all enough for the LOVE & support I have gotten since the beginning!

Thank you. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!!

I can't say it enough. Without your following, views, likes, & positive comments, I would never have wanted to continue, or work as hard as I do on the site.

I love each & every one of y'all to the moon & back!!


I made a few promises to myself this year.

"Promises" feels more connected & important than "resolutions."

1. Listen to God

I have always trusted in God & his plan for my life, but this year I am trying to listen to what he actually wants from me & to follow in that direction.

2. Just try a little more to not eat junk

I will never deprive myself of a good cookie or slice {or the entire} pizza. I will try to keep it balanced better to keep my health in line.... then I'll sneak in some treats along the way.

3. Focus on family

I have often pushed away people that care the most for me & that is never okay. I need to slow down, take time from work & school to focus on my family back in IL. No matter what happens with the blog, or gigs that come my way, my family is always there & will be there when no one or nothing else is.

4. Chic-Fil-A

This one is goofy but I think in the end it'll be the best idea I've ever had.

Everytime I go to Chic-Fil-A this year, I'm putting $1 in a bucket, then at the end of the year, I'm having all my friends over & getting Chic-Fil-A catering. Not a big or important promise, but it is just something fun to add.

5. See more. Do more.

I always put off trips with friends or say I will go somewhere/do something but never actually plan the trip. This year I am being more assertive to go & use my time/money to see new things, make memories, & do the things I have always wanted to do!


This is for everything. Myself. Others. God. Everything. Just have more love & happiness toward everything. Fall in love with more. {Not boys. Boys are trouble.} But fall in love with the way you see things, the way that people treat you, & the incredible things of this world. There is so much to love when you open your eyes & step out of the hate & negative ways of the world that are so easy to fall into.


I want to tell you all how much it means to me that you care to reach out, ask questions, & interact with my posts. It's all so insane to me that people around the world want to know things about me & feel comfortable enough to reach out & ask! I love being able to talk with y'all & get to know what you want & who you are! Always know that I love seeing your comments & messages & reply as often/as quickly as I can! 2017 is going to be full of so much & I cannot wait to share it all with you!

I hope to continue the site as best as I can, so any ideas, suggestions, or love that you send my way will always be welcome!

I wish you each the best wishes in 2017!

Full of love, happiness, cute clothes, good food, & lots of Jesus.

Thank you for all that y'all do!!

{Flowers in photo curtesy of FTD Flowers!}

Xo, Shea Leigh

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