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Happy Halloween!!


Y'all I seriously love this holiday SO much! It is the perfect time of year!

The leaves are changing, the temperature is perfect, & it goes from Halloween, to Thanksgiving, to CHRISTMAS!!! It doesn't get much better than that. Don't get SPOOKED away from this post, it's just a normal, everyday outfit! The costume comes later on for a night with my girlfriends!

Here is a glimpse at a casual fall look to wear any time this season, but be sure to change into your costume tonight while you can! Don't be that person that doesn't dress up on the one day a year that you're supposed to.

You get to pull a Hannah Montana & be anyone you want today... then you can come back to this cute look later!

I bought this shirt on a whim & I am so glad that I did! I wear it all the time, both dressy & casual. As for the cardigan, I lost count of how many times I have worn it these past few years. I wear it constantly. It makes for a good cover-up to keep in your car to throw on when you are going out to eat or headed to class! I would definitely recommend this one from Old Navy!

Jeans {similar}

I got these jeans at TJ Maxx for $15!! Great deal! However, I couldn't find them on their website so I linked a few below that are similar & go great with this look!

Hat {similar but same shop!}

Sashka Bracelets {Use Code SHEALEIGH25 for 25% off!}

I love being comfy just as much as I love dressing up. So when I get ready in the mornings, I like to combine the two so I'm not uncomfortable the entire day. I've just recently started finding more jeans that are flattering & comfortable too! Who wants to be sitting in class with skin tight jeans, unable to sit in the seat properly? No thank you!

Some of my favorite places to shop for jeans are Target, TJ Maxx {lots of variety} & Forever 21!

Have a fun, festive, & safe Halloween! A holiday falling on a Monday makes for a great start to the week! I'll be spending this great holiday night with my girls making cookies, grilling out by the pool, & watching Halloween movies, all while wearing my fave cheetah girl leggings!

I hope y'all enjoyed this post, & if you have any questions or comments, I'd love to hear it! Comment below or message me to let me know how you liked this this post!

XO, Shea Leigh

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