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Early Rising in Napa Valley

Another bucket list item is officially checked off!! After the craziest day of travel, one & a half hours of sleep, then a three am wake up call, we all set off to rise with the sun for the most amazing hot air balloon experience!

The view over Napa Valley was inane; the photos don’t even do it justice! Also... hot air balloons are nothing like I’d expected them to be once getting up that high. It was sooo smooth, quick & honestly not even that scary. 10 out of 10 would recommend doing it if you’re able to!! Except we did half way land in a tree at the end, but all was well after that!! hahaa

We saw lots of other balloons rising & lower with along us. Some were close up & others were off in the distance over the hills. It was so magical! Needless to say, it was an incredible start to this fun girls’ trip with SHOP THE MINT!!

I am getting to meet so many sweet girls on this trip. It's always so fun meeting new girls that love doing what you do too! I can't wait to tour & explore Cali & Napa Valley with them this week!

I’ll be linking all of my outfits & lots of the different looks during the trip, so be sure to follow me on the LTK app so y’all can shop as you see everything from the vacay on my stories.


Now we are off for more adventures!!

Y'all an shop See it all on my stories too!


XO, Shea LeigH

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