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Mar Del Cabo

Traveling around Cabo was absolutely incredible! We saw whales breeching, The Arches at sunset, went to the Office for the most enthusiastic dinner of my life & so much more! We stayed at a few different places, but I will be back to Mar Del Cabo over & over again!!

Although I only snapped a few photos from around the cute villas, the entire location was breathtaking! The white building with bright blue doors gave it a Greece-inspired feel, while the beautiful pink flowers & palm trees added so much color, making a perfect tropical vacay vibe!

It was very private; we only saw a handful of people the entire time.

The beach was the perfect, quaint size, that also extended out to the full beach to walk & explore as well! We were able to enjoy the amazing view of the water, black rocks, & chit chat as we walked along the warm sand. We even met some friendly NEIGH-bors along the way!

The hotel is not all inclusive, but we still enjoyed the yummy food & tasty drinks during our stay. We dove into pina coladas, margaritas & their healthy juices, then tried out lots of yummy food that they had to offer as well! Everything on their menu was fresh & delicious. They have a restaurant with open seating that over looks the outside of the hotel & beautiful beach, however if you decide to sit on in the sand or at the pool, they will serve you there as well! The staff was incredibly friendly, attentive & so fun to chit chat with!

I will absolutely be back to Mar Del Cabo & enjoy it a million times over! I received HUNDREDS of messages when sharing stories & posts from this stunning hotel. I, of course wanted to share, but as y'all know, I share more info once I leave the location, just to be safe! With traveling from Cabo, back to Nashville for two days, then off to Hawaii, I have been quite busy lately, but wanted to get this up for y'all to see how beautiful this place was! If you are headed to Cabo, be sure to add Mar Del Cabo to a list of contenders for where to stay! You will be in awe of it the entire time! To get more info & pricing, click here!

I promise will be sharing more about my travels soon! I am actually about to leave for another trip & hopefully going to get some of those posts done for y'all on the way... or watch A Star Is Born on the plane again, we will see what happens once I get in my seat haha!! I hope y'all have a great weekend & if you have any questions about recent travels you have seen me share, let me know so I can answer them in the coming posts!


xo, Shea Leigh

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