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Bar Taco - Nashville

Any time I have guests in town, they either ask to go to Bar Taco, or I take them there to experience it. I know it is one of the bigger 'touristy' places to visit when coming to Nashville, but I go there so often that it has become one of my very favorite must-eat places in Nashville! I have lots of mouth-watering photos from previous visits, but I am here to show you some from items my most recent visit where I got to try out the "secret taco" as soon as it hit the menu!

My favorite start up items have to be the guacamole, salsa verde & most importantly... the

plantains! I had never had plantains before, until my friend Natalie told me they are her fave. Since I tried them with her, I have gotten them every single time I have gone. They are delicious!

We didn't waste anytime trying out that secret taco! It hit our table as soon as we told our waiter that were ready to chow down. The secret taco this time was the new crispy avocado taco... cue angelic music. Y'all, this taco is sooo good; I have gotten it 4 more times since trying it. It's a mixture of sweet & spicy, perfect to warm up those taste buds for the rest of the meal ahead.

If you are willing to try something a little different than normal, I would look at Bar Taco's Tuna Poke. It is raw tuna with poke dressing, diced avocado, onion, sesame seeds & friend ginger on top. I was a little hesitant at first, but once I tried it with the chips, it made it so much less aggressive. It is definitely a love or hate type of food, but I am a fan & have ordered it on my own since trying it.

oh ps, I always spritz the lime over all of my tacos to add a little extra kick... as you can see from the lime on every plate!

Alrighty y'all, here I have my favorite, must-try, top of my list tacos all laid out.

First at the top there is the Baja Fish taco, which is a fried tempura coated cod, laid on the yummiest chipotle slaw!

Second is the Pork Belly Taco, again with the sweet & spicy, as it is covered in spicy arbor chili sauce!

Finally we have the Cauliflower Taco, which is pretty self explanatory. It is topped with a delicious romesco sauce, adding a kick of flavor!

Again like I said, I add lime to mine for extra zest, but every taco I have ever tried at Bar Taco has been delicious with or without it.

I went this past weekend with Hunner & we tried three new tacos that were just added. Want to see what they are? Check out the full menu HERE.

Btw, our favorite new addition is the crispy rock shrimp! Sooo amazing!

While looking through my phone from previous visits, I found some more photos of other items that were just as good, so of course I wanted to share them with y'all!

Kenny Chesney would be proud of this Key Lime Pie dessert, as well as all the of the amazing drinks that you can find on their menu!

Again with the guac... always a fan.

Let's taco-bout the variety... seriously insane! So many to try, you've just got to come here!

See more from their Nashville location on the site, or give them call for any questions!


2526 12th Avenue South

Nashville, TN

Bar Taco here in Nashville has always been so good to me & my guests. I have never had an issue there & the food is consistently fresh & delicious. When people ask where to eat when visiting Nashville, Bar Taco is at the top of my list. So next time you are in Music City, be sure to stop by 12 South & give this place a try!

Special thanks to Bar Taco for the amazing taco-tasting to share with my incredible followers!

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xo, Shea Leigh

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