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HER Perfect Camo Lace-Up Dress

A cute dress, adorable shoes & popsicles? Sounds to me like a perfect day of shooting! This camo lace- up dress is courtesy of HER Boutique! I took about 50 pictures in this fun look, but grabbed just a few to share with y'all!

HER Boutique has a great assortment of everyday styles, as well as your dressy looks to compliment any occasion! Their new spring arrivals have recently been launched & let me tell ya... you will LOVE IT! The brights colors will catch your eye, while the unique styles make everyone else envious over your wardrobe! Get on their site & follow them on instagram @ShopAtHER to stay caught up with their new arrivals!

{HER Boutique}

I have been loving camo, as you may have seen in previous post titled "Finding Nothing to Wear!"

This trend started coming back & as I began to see it, I knew I could never pull it off. Yet here I am, 3 dresses, 2 shirts & a jacket later, showing my camo pride in all its glory! I think it is safe to say it is a new fave of mine!

{Kristalize Jewelry}

Yes, I know I have been wearing this jewelry a lot. Okay, all the time... but it goes with literally EVERY look that I have been into lately! Y'all have got to get a stack of these bracelets & layer up some chokers from Kristalize Jewelry.

Find them on Instagram @KristalizeJewelry!

{Turquoise ring from American Threads in Nashville!}


The exact shoes I have on are from Francesca's Boutique, but they are from over a year ago & are no longer available. BUT y'all know I have your back & found some similar for you to shop! Linked in the bold text above, as well as at the bottom of this post in the LIKE TO KNOW carousal!

My lovely friend behind the camera, Miss Hannah Neese! Obviously as cute as can be! Check out her inspirational posts, as well as her insta!

instagarm: @Hannah_Neese

Like I said, camo came out of hiding & is back in as the latest trend! It is so easy to look fashionable with this great print. Throw on a jacket or top for a casual looks, or try one of these t-shirt, lace-up dresses as a more flirty option! Either way, you simply cannot go wrong with the trendy pattern!

Another post will be coming soon with more great trends from HER Boutique! While keeping an eye out on that, check in to see more posts between now & then so that y'all don't miss anything! There are giveaways, contests, food posts & new outfits on the blog daily, as well at on Instagram @SheaLeighMills!

Follow me & reach out for any comments or questions you have about the blog or just about me in general! I am planning so many posts coming soon & love to hear what you want to see from me! Feel free to let me know!!

Thank y'all so much for checking out this post & check up often for more right here on!

Xo, Shea Leigh

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