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Amelia's Flowers Truck

Take a leisurely stroll down 12 South & stop to smell the roses & all the other flowers Amelia's Flower Truck has to offer! It has quickly become a hit Nashville photo-op location! As you can see, we decided to stop & get some beautiful flowers as we snapped some photos.

Something about this dress makes me feel like a little Polly Pocket. Am I the only one that feels that way in a cute little dress? Probably. Never the less, I still love this piece! I like that it isn't super short, but still shows your shape too! Plus, the material is thick & great quality!

These beautifully done photos are by Savannah Somerville:

Now mine aren't as fancy & lovely as as Savannah's, but I snapped a few photos of my own to share with y'all so you can see more of Amelia's!

New, beautiful flowers are there all the time, so you know you will always have new arrangements to make, or for them to choose for you! They helped us make the lovely flower bouquet we used for our shoot!

Spot the difference in my pics down at the bottom & Savannah's beautiful photos? She is so talented!

Stop on by Amelia's & create your beautiful arrangements of flowers from the unique spot on 12 South right here in Nashville!

Think of anymore places to visit here? Let me know so I can stop by! Me & my friends are always up for new places to see & explore!

Xo, Shea Leigh

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