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Live Simple Shop

A new, precious boutique has just opened up in my hometown!

Live Simple Shop is a good feeling-faith inspired store, selling cute merchandise to meet any need. Gear up for football season, create a personal design, and MUCH more! I got the opportunity to stop in on my last visit home and was so excited! I told my momma if I could live there, I would. The merchandise is perfect, but the inside of the building is INCREDIBLE!

You'll have to stop in to see for yourself!

Thank you to store owner, Macey Rumsey, for these comfy t-shirts to get me ready to cheer on my team this fall!

These football tops are the Anvil TriBlend Unisex T-shirts, available

in small-XL for a score of just $22!


Check out their website LIVE SIMPLE and

follow them on instagram: @LiveSimpleShop or using hashtag #LiveSimpleShop #LoveGodLovePeopleLiveSimple


August 6th & 7th for 10% off of your purchase!

More designs are released all the time, so keep up with them to get cute and cozy new tees and accessories before anyone else!

"Love God. Love People. Live Simple."

PS... even when the weather does not coorperate, still look good and feel good in your Live Simple attire!

XO, Shea Leigh

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