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If you have followed me since pre-quarantine, then you know that this post is LONG over due! I did a lot of organizing, redecorating & cleaning while trapped at home these past few months. I shared LOTS about it on my instagram stories & even saved it all to my "home organization" highlight as well! I am so thankful that I took this time to clear out the house & get new spaces looking FRESH!

My main room of concern.... the CLOSET! My closet had everything wrong with it. This HUGE space was NOT being taken advantage of! I saw so much potential, but had no idea how to go about getting to the finish line of my dream room! That's when The Tidy Home came into my life & changed everything!

The Tidy Home Nashville was created by sisters, Ea Fuqua & Meg DeLong, in the spring of 2019. They are a home organizing + styling company who service the greater Nashville area! They love bringing functionality + beauty together to create custom spaces for each one of their clients! They took one look at my mess of a closet & we immediately got to work!

BEFORE: Overloaded racks, stacks on stacks of shoes & no organization ANYWHERE! The first step, aside from admitting that I have a hoarding problem, was to clear this room out, top to bottom... shelves & all! A fresh start is just what it needed!


I took everything out of the closet & started sorting piles of keep, donate, sell & trash. I tried to purge as much as I could so I could start with so much less than before. The Tidy Home & I came up with some designs & tried to figure out how to get as much storage & space as possible from the room. We teamed up with Nick from Nashville Timber (@NashvilleTimber).

We decided that all white, double stacked rods/racks & a custom bookshelf would be perfect! We also last-minute decided to do floating shelves on the inside wall & I am OBSESSED with how it turned out!


Using wire shelving from The Home Depot, they installed the shelves & added a white (shade: alabaster) piece of wood in the front to give it a smooth, clean look! We also straightened up little details before filling the room back up with clothes, baskets & accessories! Just to add a little something extra, we hung extra long white curtains from amazon for the blank window. That little detail added SO MUCH to the back wall!


drumroll please......


I still cannot believe that this is MY CLOSET! Every detail is not only perfect for my personality, but also SO functional for my lifestyle. I could not have even dreamed for this to turn out as amazing at it did! The teamwork between The Tidy Home & Nick was unbelievable!

Once installed, we put all of the clothing in the best spot for my day to day life, categorized everything then color coated the living daylights out of every section! It is so satisfying to walk in, know exactly where items are & grab what I need all in a matter of seconds!

Everything flows SO well! We decided to add fashion-forward pieces such as purses, totes, jewelry & more for a classic look, but also ones that I grab for everyday life!

As for shoes, shorts, skirts, small bags & extra little pieces, we teamed up with mDesign to find the cutest baskets & bins to hold all the things! We also grabbed a few from Hobby Lobby (these white/tan wicker ones) & Target (linked below) to mix up the looks & textures throughout the room!

Not all are linkable, but the ones that are, I was sure to link here & similar ones as well!! Shoutout again to @mDesign for the beautiful pieces that made everything POP in the closet!


Not only did I get the closet of my DREAMS, but I also gained new friends from this experience! Working with Meg, Ea & Nick was the absolute BEST! We all worked on the same vision, balanced & bounced new ideas off of each other with creative ways to do them & cracked joke after joke the entire time.

If you are looking to tidy up, organize or redo any spaces in your home, be sure to check out @TheTidyHomeNashville and @NashvilleTimber on instagram to make all of your project dreams come true!!

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