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My Travels in Mixbook

Ever since I was little I remember having customized books. My mom & dad had one made about me being a Princess from a faraway land & I lived happily ever after. Another one had my name written throughout the book, with photos of a very Shea-like looking cartoon drawn inside. Fast forward to being 23 & I still have a custom book, but this time it is different. This one holds memories. It tells a story of where I have been, what I have done & the parts of the world that I have gotten to experience! From the beaches of Turks & Caicos to the shimmering lights of the Eiffel Tower, this Mixbook photo book shows it all through the photos I have taken along the way!

MIXBOOK is SO convenient because they offer TONS of options for different book designs, layouts & lots more! With this collection, you can make one-of-a-kind photo books for your family, your friends, to reminisce a vacation, or just to have for yourself, full of your happiest & favorite photos!! If you are looking for an at-home project during this crazy time, creating a photo book would be a great way to organize the photos on your phone & create something that lasts forever!

I went online to to make mine & y'all... it was SO stinking easy! You can use professional photos, upload some from your camera roll on your phone, or even connect your social media to use photos from there as well. You can also add captions, on-trend designs, & really make it fit YOUR style & personality! MIXBOOK custom photo books are all beautifully designed to make it easy to create as your own. While making my book, I also saw on their site that they also create customized cards, calendars, home decor & lots more!

I got my book in the mail & immediately went through every page. The quality was UNREAL! The colors were bright & pigmented, the photos were crystal clear & the writing for each page was so fun & fit the exact look I was going for! I was nervous about the photo quality because I love using fun, bright presets & edits, but they knocked it out of the park & it turned out even better than I ever expected!

I am sooo happy to capture & keep these moments forever, in my own special way! My mom used to make photo books after every family vacation & holiday, so getting to pass that tradition down too makes me so excited!

MIXBOOK also gave me a code to share with y'all for 50% off of your first book order; just use SHEA50 at checkout! This book would be PERFECT for Mother or Father's Day, end of school year memories, or just to have a "beginning of 2020" book ready to show to your friends & family! I also have LOTS of friends that are having babies right now too & this would be a perfect gift to give to them as well! No matter who it may be for, Mixbook photo products are the perfect gift for someone special to you, or just to gift to yourself.

When you order yours & get it in, let me know either in the comments below on this post, or shoot me a dm on Instagram, @SheaLeighMills! I would LOVE to see your beautiful creations too! I know y'all will fall in love with your books & read them over & over to soak up all of the memories, time & time again!!

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