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Polaroid Frame DIY

If there is one person I'd want to be quarantined with, it’s this guy right here. SO many memories, laughs, movie-parties & yummy dishes have been shared in this odd time, but I have loved every minute of it since it has been spent with my man! He makes even the world coming to a halt so much fun!

This is without a doubt, the MOST requested DIY blog post I have ever shared! The world is a bit crazy right now & we are all stuck in what is the "correct" thing to do. Whether you are leaving your house, working from home, or are six days deep into Netflix & snacks... this is the craft post for you!

Matthew & I started a tradition of taking polaroid pictures on fun or special days. We then added it to our "must pack" list & began taking it on trips with us, out to date nights, & just snapping pics during nights at home. I got this pink polaroid from Amazon & grabbed extra film while I was at it, just in case we got a blinking shot or two, haha! This camera comes in LOTS of colors & has the cutest travel cases that you can grab to go with it!

We instantly had a collection that we loved, but didn't know what to do with all of them. One day I was shopping at HomeGoods & saw these gold frames & knew I wanted to surprise MC with a little gift. I linked similar gold frames below, but you can get any style & color that YOU like! When picking yours out, be sure to find one that fits the amount of photos that you would like to display. I grabbed four of the same frame so I could make mine into a gallery wall! I also linked all of the items needed down below too! Just click to shop!


(fine point for little writing)

frames that you LOVE

(linked lots above) NAILS

(if you are hanging them)


After you snap your photos, pick your favorites & decide which ones you want to show in the frame. We keep a sharpie with us for ours to write a cute message & the date on them as well!

Flip your frame over, just like you would if you were putting a photo inside of it. Keep the back sheet (the display photo that came with the frame) and set it to the side. Since this is what previously fit perfectly in the frame, I used this to lay my photos on so I could see exactly what I was doing. I lined them all up how I wanted & grabbed the tape. Just roll a little piece out, fold it up & stick it on the back so it stays on the paper. Once you have them all taped & ready to go, put the photos face down onto the glass & put the frame together again!

SO EASY! I made a few different frames to keep them separate. However, the tape is great to use because you can take the photos off easily & keep one going with new photos. Any time you have ones to add or refresh the frames with, just peel off the old & add in the new!

You can hang the frame up on your wall, or even set it on a shelf, table or dresser to see it each day. I know I spend lots of time in my office & bedroom, so I wanted to spread the love between each! This is a sweet & easy way to display fun polaroids & get more than one memory out of a frame!

With this week being so crazy in the news & social media, this arts & crafts time will give you a good break from it all! I linked most of the supplies from Amazon Prime, Target & other easy-to-order-online places so you can have it in the next few days or have it sent straight to your house!

Turn on some music, grab your loved ones & get to snapping! A fun DIY moment can help you to escape from the wild times of the world & step into a time to capture & make more memories of the good in your life!

I love y'all so much & am sending prayers to everyone out there for healing & positivity with everything going on! If you have any suggestions of more DIY ideas, drop them in the comments below to help add to the fun! Or if you want to see something else on the blog, let me know here or on my instagram, @SheaLeighMills!

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