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my new buddy, Billie

There is a new love in my life & his name is Billie. By now I am sure that you have heard about Billie & how AMAZING of a brand they are. Yes, I'm sure you have seen the ads with the razors, but the brand itself, along with their many other products have completely saved my skin from the horrors of shaving!

I had seen & heard about Billie from lots of my girlfriends, posts on Facebook & lots of other places online, but ever since trying it out for myself, I will never buy another brand for all of my shaving needs!

I love the extra pieces that I have with my razor. Their magnetic holder to place in my shower for easy grab & go action is brilliant! Just peel the sticker, put it where you reach for your razor & it stays put - so convenient!! I also added the travel safety case. Now anytime that I am traveling or looking for my razor in my toiletry bag, I don't have to worry about those painful cuts & scrapes!

Their Sudsy Body Wash is the perfect start to your shower experience with them. Just wash & rinse like normal, then apply your Shave Creme before reaching up to grab your razor from your handy magnetic holder! Let me tell y'all... my skin has NEVER done well with any shaving creme until now. I have tried them all & have ended up with was irritated skin & bumps after each new attempt. This is the first shaving creme ever that has not only worked, but I also felt a HUGE difference in my skin after I rinsed it off too! I felt like I had already applied lotion, without leaving behind any type of residue. HIGHLY RECOMMEND grabbing a bottle of their Shave Creme for yourself because it will make your shaving experience even better!

However, none of this would be possible without the magic tool itself! The Billie Razor is the best contribution that you will ever add to your shower! They have LOTS of fun colors, a sleek design, a 360° edge of charcoal shave soap for the smoothest glide & the five best blades you'll ever find! I used to shave every day during my shower, but now I find myself barely needing to because the shave is so close & smooth that it lasts SO much longer! I was notorious for buying pack after pack of men's razors because I heard that they were the best & sharpest, but y'all, the Billie Razor knocked all of those out of my cart BIG time! I have used mine time & time again & have not noticed any dullness or less of a shave, even after all this time. You will absolutely fall in love with the results & the brand too!

I have tried these products & fell in love with them instantly & wanted to share because I know how tough it can be. The ingrown hairs, the aggravation & the embarrassing moments that bad shaves can lead to. I have not had any bumps, razor burn or "oh no... is my shave still good?!" moments since switching over to Billie!

I promise that you will look forward to shaving with the entire set that they have to offer! From the body wash & shave creme, to the razor set itself, you will never have smoother, softer legs after trying Billie!

I am sharing some of my favorite products here for y'all to shop instantly! Shop their many colors of razors, travel pieces, body washes, lotions & more all in one place!

Y'all are one click closer to the most perfect shaving experience out there with Billie!

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