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Facing Fears in France

In search of all friends afraid of heights!! A fear of mine has been faced & I have never felt more proud of my ability to remain calm in my entire life. I’d say the combination of climbing & riding to the top of the Eiffel Tower is the BEST way to conquer that fear of heights... & the slight fear of overcrowded places.

Getting your group of friends in Paris to hit the very tippy tip of the tower with you is the most incredible feeling! We rode the elevator all the way until it was time to walk to the edge. The view was foggy due to weather but still so breathtaking!

his entire week was absolutely amazing with all of the sights, sounds, food and more, but this was one of my favorite memories of all time!! I will be sharing more places, outfits & everything from the trip, but the jet lag is REAL! I’ll be knocking it all out soon as my brain is back to its 7 hour time difference self! Until then, here is this cozy look... perfect for facing any fear in a foreign country... or just a pretty fall day!! I can’t wait to share more with y’all until then, I’m hopping on my next flight to Dallas, after a ten and a half hour flight from Paris. AKA... I’m very ready for my cozy bed & a comfy night of sleepy! See ya soon, Tennessee!


ps. they have these fancy baguette ham & cheese sandwiches under the Tower that 10/10 would recommend grabbing before or after your climb!


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