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THANK YOU for 100K!!!

I am over the moon!! I cannot believe all of the love, support & encouragement that has come my way. Now 100K followers on Instagram?! I cannot thank y'all enough for being the BEST followers in the world. I want to be sure to celebrate every little victory with you guys, every step of the way, because YOU are the ones making this all happen!

This was my exact face when I was grocery shopping at Kroger, checked my phone, & saw the congratulations texts, emails & messages popping up on my screen! Whenever I started I thought that I would write a few posts & no one would ever really read what I had to say or share with people. A year & a half later & I am constantly responding to as many messages as possible. I do try to get to them all, so if I ever miss yours, I promise I am trying my best!

This has all been such a dream!! From traveling with amazing people, wearing a life worth of clothing & all of the unimaginable opportunities that have come my way, they have all been the best times of my life. The fact that this gets to be my passion, my job & my real life dream come true, no words can express how amazing it all it! I never expected to be where I am now, but I am so happy that it has turned into what it is now! I am so thankful for everyone that has made it all possible! I can't wait to see what the future holds & I am ready to share it all with you as it comes along!

I want to say a special thanks to my family & friends that have been there for me through all of this. They deal with me complaining when it gets tricky or time consuming & remind me of how fortunate I am for having this type of career. Thank you for keeping my mind level & head screwed on straight. Especially to my two brothers who are quick to jokingly remind me with a laugh, "Shea, you aren't that great." Thanks for keeping me humble guys.

I have the best people around me & a faithful God that keeps my dreams becoming a reality. All of my greatest thanks goes to Him & the path He has me walking, sometimes running down. He is a good, good Father & He is the one making this all happen in the grand scheme of things. So to God, my friends, family & to all of you reading this:




I love you all to the moon & back. I can't wait to keep sharing more of my journey with y'all!


Xo, Shea Leigh

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