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Cobalt at Orange Beach

Usually when you go on vacation, you look forward to all of the amazing meals you will be able to try at unique restaurants you are dying to go to! However, when you are at the beach for a work trip & never stop, it’s nice to find the best of the best places from my amazing followers & put those spots up on my MUST DO list! Luckily for Torunn & I, we tucked a couple hours away from work & enjoyed an amazing dinner at Cobalt in Orange Beach, Alabama!

We started with two island-feel-good drinks to get off on a sweet start! I got the virgin Sunset {see you soon 21st birthday!} while Torunn got the Sangria & said that it was sooo delicious!

If you have followed me on instagram or twitter for a while, then you know by now that I have a serious obsession with buffalo wings, or anything spicy for that matter! This Firework Shrimp is no exception. If you like the flavor of buffalo & the texture of seafood, you'll LOVE this. We licked the bowl clean on these bad boys! {Not literally, but we would have if we wouldn't have looked like wild animals in the process.} They are spicy enough to get your taste buds rolling, but not so much that you will be all out of water after the first bite.

For the main course, I went for a classic, down-home seafood meal, Fried Platter Fish with fries, cole slaw & lots of sauces on the side. I'm a dip type of gal; I like to mix & match different flavors, so the arrangement of ketchup, cocktail sauce & horseradish made me ready to dig in!

T went for the Shrimp Fra Diavlo, which was basically a really delicious shrimp pasta with a lot of spice. Super yummy, but I was all about my fish so I stuck with that, even though she shared hers with me too! You can't go wrong with either one, just depending on the type of meal you are feeling in the moment!

Maybe share with a friend so you get a taste of all the good stuff!

Last & most certainly, most definitely, without a doubt not least! We dove right into our pretty little desserts as soon as I snapped this shot! I am a sucker for apple pie & cheesecake, so they smacked this nail on the head with those exact items as our surprise desserts! Creole Cheesecake & Fried Apple Pie was the perfect ending to a perfect, work free, delectable meal!

I absolutely love Torunn & all of the laughs we shared over this work trip/mini-vacay! We are so much alike, it is almost scary! We had to CHEERS to the beach & head back to Tennessee & Kentucky yesterday. However, we are already planning out our next trip with lots of adventures in mind! Have a place I should head to next? Let me know where I should end up going! The possibilities are endless! No matter what, I will be sure to share the yummy food I try along the way!

This is the pearl embellished sweatshirt that I shared with y'all during this past Nordstrom sale & it is unfortunately sold out now. However, I did find some low-priced, adorable, simple tops that are just as cute! Along with accessories, including these amazing earrings that I wore during the ENTIRE trip. Be ready to see those time & time again!

If you're ever in the area & want to try out Cobalt, let me know what ya get or if you try any of these items, let me know too! I promise you won't be disappointed!

Give them a call or stop on by when you are down in OB!

28099 Perdido Beach Blv.

Orange Beach, Alabama


xo, Shea Leigh

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