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Shea In Shein

All of the snow & ice have began to melt away here in Nashville. It's not spring weather by any means, but it will be soon & I am getting all sorts of ready for it. Soon it will be warm enough again to wear this adorable overall-dress from Shein. I constantly get asked questions about this company so I figured I'd help y'all out, answer some questions & share some of my favorites from their site!

Keep in mind, this post is in no way sponsored; all responses are my 100% real & honest opinion!

1. How long does shipping take?

With all of my orders it has been different. I have never had an order take more than about 10 days. They are based out of China, so it does take longer than your normal 3-5 business day delivery.

2. How is the quality?

The saying "You get what you pay for" isn't always right with Shein. I have paid $4 for a shirt & could tell that it wasn't the best quality, as it began to unravel after one wear. However, I got a knockoff Nordstrom sweater for $18... not a soul could tell it was different. Since I have ordered from Shein so many times & have lots of items from them, I kind of know which style of items will be cheaper quality & not as good. I have lots of friends order from here now & they ask me about items before purchasing. I have never had any of them have any issues with their orders!

Keep in mind, you can always check out the reviews on items as well.

3. Do the items fit properly?

Of my many many many orders from Shein, I have only ever had 3 items that did not fit me right, even when I did order the right size. With so many crop tops, cut-out dresses & unique styles being "in" right now, it is important to check the size chart to be sure it is the type of fit you are wanting.

4. Why are the prices so low?

Like I had mentioned, a lot of the items are knock-off, so they are similar styles, made with cheaper material. Some are absolute steals if you find the right items!! Some are not worth spending a dime on.

5. How long do the items last since they are so much cheaper?

Most of mine have held up nicely. A good thing about being a blogger is sharing new items constantly, so I don't re-wear a lot of things. But when I do wear some of my Shein items over & over, for the most part, mine are still in good condition. Some items have unraveled, but it’s similar to Forever 21, just a small step above.

6. Are your orders always correct?

I have never had an issue with my orders not including an item. One time they were out of a few pieces, so those were sent a few days after, but I have always received every item purchased, yes!

7. What is a link to their site?

You can see more from Shein here, or on any of the bold texts throughout this post!

8. What are some of your favorite items from Shein?

I just sent in a HUGE order for swimsuits & cute pieces for Spring Break & I am sooo excited to get them in the next few days. I loved all of my sweaters & fall items, but spring & summer is exciting to shop for with so many fun & sexy suits coming up!

Here are a few of my new purchases & faves from past orders!

Last order:

Past faves:

I know a lot of you may have more questions about Shein, so feel free to comment or message me & I will add it onto this post! I hope that this helped give a little bit more insights on ordering from Shein. Overall, to get more unique, fun, fashionable pieces for a low price, I say GO FOR IT! Especially if you're the kind to wear things a handful of times, this is a great, inexpensive way to keep your wardrobe full of new & different items! If you find anything you love & order it, let me know. I'd love to see what you get!

While you're here, take a look at some of their new spring styles,

just in time for your Spring Break trip!

XO, Shea Leigh

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