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Thanks & Blessings

I am every bit of thankful that the temperature is dropping & it is feeling more & more like fall! Best part of all, I can finallllly wear my cardigans & knits & not look completely out of season. That means sweater weather is officially here. I can bust out the scarves, hats & my very favorite jeans. I have so many fun looks to show y'all coming up, along with lots of surprises! For now though, I will give y'all a look into this adorable outfit I had the pleasure of shooting in the prettiest wooded pines!

{Free People}



I have been so excited to show y'all this look. HOWEVER, I made a teeny tiny mistake... after shooting this outfit & seeing the photos, I soon realized this dress... is a top. On the bright side, I went to Free People's site & saw that they styled it the same way; as a dress. Therefore we are good to go!

Y'all already know my obsession with my Kristalize Jewelry is real. I love the stacks on stacks, along with the bold, unique pieces she creates! Her instagram is @KristalizeJewelry, or you can see more on!!

If you see me with a pair of sunglasses on, there is a pretty darn good chance that they are from DIFF Eyewear! For every pair bought, they donate a pair of glasses to a child in need & are a wonderful company!!

Scroll thru to see some of my faves, including the ones I have on here!

Something I have been very focused on lately is setting my goals & going for them whole heartedly. I have so many wild ideas, long term goals & inspiring dreams that I am longing to reach. I know patience is a virtue & all is in God's timing. However, I have always been a go-getter & kept my eye on the prize until I get it. I am so fortunate that every goal so far has come into my reach, but I have many many many dreams left to get ahold of. I have 2 main things I remember to do when aspiring to make these dreams become my reality.

1. Give thanks for what I have.

2. Pray for what I want.

I'm not saying to bargain with God to get what you want; He knows the desires of our hearts & loves to hear us reach out to Him for what we want. This keeps me focused on what I want, but keeps me thankful for what I have. I remember that He is a God that loves to make us happy & rejoice in Him. He wants the best for us & will help us to obtain it if it is His will. I always promise to do as God wants for me, thankfully we are on the same page. And for that I am so incredibly thankful!

Psalm 63 : 3 & 4

"Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you. I will praise you as long as I live & in your name I will lift up my hands!"

I hope y'all have a great Monday & take every chance you have to thank God for little blessings throughout your week!

XO, Shea Leigh

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