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Escape to Cabo

"I wish we could go to Cabo this summer..." "Do you really want to?"

"Wait, yes..." "Let's go!"

And just like that, Alyssa & I were on Groupon, booking our flights & hotel in 15 minutes flat. Those are the kind of friends that everybody needs in their life.

A month later we were on a flight to Cabo San Lucas, staying at Solmar Resorts. This all inclusive resort was on a hill surrounded by sandy mountains & desert land. Looking out into the sky & on the land & you will see palm trees, cactus of ever shape & size, as well as the most beautiful sunsets that show the true masterpiece of God's hand.


We had the pleasure of enjoying Solmar Restort & all it had to offer! The rooms are individual village-styled suits, complete with our own kitchen & extended balcony. Our room was on the main ground, so we walked right out our door & were on the cobble-stone sidewalk headed toward the beach!

The Views:

The beach itself was beautiful! The waves were HUGE so we couldn't get in the water, but the weather was so perfect that we stayed cool in the sand, all while catching some sun. We found a slight hike/climb that led to Lover's Beach. It took a minute to get over the rocks, but once we got used to it, we would zoom on over & enjoy the day on the private little island!


We got so caught up in the fun & sun that we didn't catch every meal. But when we did want to snack on something, we were able to be fed within 10 minutes! We walked to different restaurants on the property. We indulged in all you-can-eat sushi, hot wings, tacos, smoothies, cheesecake, fruit & anything our hearts desired!

We made reservations at the nicer restaurant on location, but I liked the snack bar food just as much, mostly because they had mostly the same thing, just a bit faster. All delicious though!

Also, how cute is it that as soon as we got there, we had chocolate covered strawberries & champange in our room?! Now that is what I call a perfect arrival!

Fun in the Sun:

Sunglasses {Diff}

We didn't know what kind of excursions would be available, but we were sure to find out. We saw swimming with dolphins, boat rides.... & then there it was. HORSEBACK RIDING ON THE BEACH! You don't have to ask us twice!

We had to take a shuttle to get set up on our rides, but just half an hour & there it is! I thought it was all a beach trip, but we spent about 30 minutes riding through the desert, exploring cactus life, animals & dirt paths. We then enjoyed the Heavenly view of the blue water, white sand, & fun-loving horses to trot along the beach on with.


Vacation is all about the rest & relaxation after enjoying the fun. We got a couples/BFF massage on the beach. It lasted 80 minutes, but I fell asleep at about 50 minutes, but it was still very relaxing! I also grabbed a few of the books I had at home. It was nice to read those while tanning on the beach. It was a good mental break to catch up on stories, advice & a little extra Jesus all in one trip. I read "Twenty Two" by Allison Trowbridge & "Barneys, Bergdorfs & Bills" by my fabulous friend Sydney Hedberg! Two great books that I highly recommend for your beach vacay!

Our entire trip to Cabo San Lucas was a dream! With workouts & devotions on the beach in the morning, endless delicious food coming our way all day & the sunsets over the water at night, this was a perfect escape. If you're planning a trip to Cabo, be sure to grab a Funky Monkey, relax on Lovers Beach & soak up the sun on the fine sandy beaches!

Leopard One Piece {Pink Lily}

We are always looking for new places to go & explore. Have any suggestions? Let me know in the comments below!!

XO, Shea Leigh

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