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The Best 2 Years

June 4th, 2015 is a significant date in my life. I packed up everything & left home to move to Nashville, Tennessee. I have had the 2 best years of my life! I have experienced some incredible moments & have learned so much. When throwing all my shoes & pictures from home in my little white Elantra, I would have never imagined the journey that God had instore for me. He has blessed me in so many ways & I am so thankful for every step He has walked alongside with me.

I didn't know but one family when I moved here. I didn't take "mommy & daddy's money" to help me along the way (however I did have every ounce of their support). But I did learn real quick that adulating is fun on Pinterest, but real life was a bit more tricky. Lots of jobs, trial & error, & mistakes along the way, have all gotten me to be where I am now.

And I am so happy with exactly where that is!

Now this post started as an outfit post, so I will share that as well, but I had to get a little sappy on my Nash-iversary! But on we go with a quick look at this outfit!

Okay, so I posted this look on Instagram awhile back & y'all responded with sooo much LOVE!! So instead of messaging everyone back separately & repeating myself with the places to get each piece, I decided to grab the rest of the photos that I didn't use from that day & put it all together into this post!

{Target on clearance for $17!}

Hurry in to see if they have any left. If not, I have tagged one similar in the bold text above & also in the listings at the end of this post!!


I got these Tommy jean shorts from Goodwill for $3! I got some sandpaper & scissors to just snip & snag away any of the material I wanted to appear more worn out! I love doing this so that I have unique jean shorts, different than what I see in the stores!

My necklace is courtesy of Kristalize Jewelry! Her unique pieces always tie together any outfit perfectly!

I have been layering up these stacks of bracelets from Mary Kathryn Designs to have lots of arm candy from her custom designs!

Hopefully this blog-post-look goes over just as well as the insta post did! Thank you for reaching out & sending lots of love on this look! I am working with some great companies this season to bring you all some fun, flirty & sexy summer looks! Have something in mind that you'd like to see? Let me know so I can get to working on it!

Get a little lost in the post? TOTALLY FINE! I've put similar styles from my account below for y'all to shop! Make an account & anytime you screenshot or like my insta pics, you can open them in your app on your phones to shop the entire outfit!

Tagged below are some great summer styles I have also found lately that would make great for any beachy look!

I can't thank everyone enough for all the love & acceptance I have found in these first 2 years in Nashville. The friendships I have made, the memories that have been shared & the dreams that have come true. It is all so unbelievable, I still have moments where I just fall to my knees & thank God for every blessing He has poured out. I can't wait to see where God takes me for the years to come! And I'm so excited to share it all with you as well!

Love y'all so much!! Here's to many more years in beautiful Music City!

Xo, Shea Leigh

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