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Buddy Love Stripes

I can't stop thinking about the trip a friend & I booked for this summer & I am feeling every bit of beauty as possible! I told myself that this is the year I'd start saying "YES!" to more. Yes to more travel, food, opportunities, & yes to doing more for myself! So far I have kept true to this promise. I have been finding great beach-getaway outfits & I threw this one together the other day to share some inspiration with some of you nautical-style travelers!

Striped Romper {Buddy Love/similar}

This Romper is from Buddy Love, however it is no longer available on their site, but check them out & see all of their adorable items they have on their website & instagram!

I tagged some similar rompers for y'all to still get the look shown here! But don't miss out on all the goodies that Buddy Love has on their site as well! They always have some of the cutest pieces!

Gold Wedges {Chinese Laundry}

Hat {Nordstrom}

Turquoise Necklace {Raw Rebellious}

There is not a bigger feeling of disappointment & self anguish than that of finishing your shoot only to see that you left an ugly bright green hair tie on your wrist the entire time... could attempt to photoshop it out, but here it is in all of it's obnoxious glory. Excuse me, but just try to see this cute outfit & all the bright turquoise love it got! I love this look for the beach, a casual pool party/cover up look, or even just a pretty summer day!

I have always been a fan of nautical fashion, so this look is right up my alley! If I could dress this way everyday, getting onto a boat & sailing away to go fishing or spend the day on the water, I would. I guess that is the goal for lots of people though... basically if anyone has a yacht they aren't using & would like to let me have, just let me know!

I saw a post on Facebook yesterday that has become viral. It is two hands, one young & one of an older person. They were side by side & the caption read:

"Never forget that time passes so quickly you don't even notice it until it begins to show. So, use the good china, go on the trip, eat the cake, watch the late movie, read your favorite book and take a chance in life.

Tomorrow is promised for no one."

This is what I mean by "do more for myself!" Not selfishly, not to be me-me-me, but to say "yes" to opportunities that I can look back on & be excited for myself to see that I went for it! I feel like everyone needs to do this for themselves, sometimes we just need to see that one post as a little push.

XO, Shea Leigh

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