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Scooped into Jeni's

Look who I got to seeeee! My wonderful blogger friend, Hannah! You have seen her in my previous posts, but you in case you are new to the blog, we always run into some sort of fun anytime we get together.

Sitting in the hotel currently & craving ice cream all last night, thinking back to their post I had yet to share with y'all, so here it is!

It was a GORGEOUS day around Nashville the other day. The weather was lovely, the restaurants were full & lots of people wanted ice cream! We stopped by just in time before the line quickly led out the door; thankfully it was so pretty outside that there was no frustration at all for those waiting.

"That one was the winner. Use that shot. I look incredible" -Han

I was in the neighborhood {20 minutes away} & gave Han a call to meet up. We stopped by Panera to chat, then headed to 12 South to treat our sweet tooth at Jeni's Ice Cream & decided to shoot a little bit about it while we were there to share with anyone wanting a place to stop while visiting!

I am so bad about venturing out when it comes to foods & desserts, but I have finally started to try new things when I go places. I may fall in love with something new, or I may hate it more than anything, but I'll never know until I try. However, this particular day I got Ndali Estate Vanilla Bean & Brown Butter Almond Brittle!

Han let me try some of hers & oh my gosh it was so good! She got the Salted Peanut Butter with Chocolate Flakes! Basically imagine a Reece's Cup frozen into an ice cream & there ya go.

SO tasty!!

Each time that I have been to Jeni's {which is quite often} they have always had a wide arrangement of flavors & different options each time. There is always something new & always lots to try! Sample as many as you'd like, then get a big ole scoop of your favorite!

Click the link below to see their entire assortment of their tasty flavors!

Jeni's Website

Here is the info for the particular one that we went to over on 12 South!

2312 12th Ave S,

Nashville, TN 37204

Call: 615-292-7794

Take a stroll down 12 South when you get a chance during your Nashville Visit! You can do like Hannah & I did. Grab your ice cream, head on down & people watch as you enjoy the lovely weather & perfect environment that is Nashville, Tennessee!

Of course then you have to snap some pictures of said ice cream during your wonderful day.

Hannah's blog has the best writing & will provide such a positive start to your day any time you read it! She is so kind, Godly & happy that it is such a breath of fresh air any time I get to see her!

Not to mention she is absolutely hilarious!

I will be headed back to Nashville soon from my trip to Florida! We just left Anna Maria & am now in Tampa catching some ray & eating lots of food! It has been such a great trip so far, but I am excited to see all my friends as soon as I get home. Annnnd I need to figure out someting for my birthday coming up. Any good birthday/week suggestions? {We celebrate it all...} Throw them all out there to help me celebrate!

Thank y'all for checking out this post & if you decide to visit Jeni's let me know your fave flavors for me to try out next time!!

Xo, Shea Leigh

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