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Happy Days in the City

I have decided in 2017 to do more things that I want to do for myself, not all for show. Not because I am supposed to shoot somewhere or specifically be shooting for something or promoting a company. I thought back to why I started the blog & what I wanted it for.

The other day, Preston & I went exploring around town & shot some fun pictures in the city on our day off. We captured some shots of each other just having fun, being ourselves & maybe some poses here & there like we always do when we take pictures for each other.

I want to go to new places, experience new things & share it if I WANT to, not because I HAVE to.

And I want to share some of those things with y'all because I love the feedback, the support & the interaction it gives me with you guys!

This day wasn't planned. It wasn't forced. It was what we wanted to do, so we just went & took off with it. We enjoyed just shooting in our own style, how we would be just like any other day.

This is what I miss. This is what I am wanting to get back to. Showing y'all me & what I do when I want to. Not all the promotional stuff & codes & sales. Yes, that is a huge part of blogging & a big benefit to share with my followers, but I want to be more real with you guys, because you are all so real & supportive toward me.

Yes, I will still share outfit details & wonderful companies that I get the pleasure of working with, but I will be doing more of my favorite posts of real life stuff too!

Where I love to eat.

Where I like to go.

What I love to wear.

What I enjoy being able to do.

{photos by @prestonlyles}

So here is to more posts from my original goal of the site. The pure happiness that I get to live each day & the exciting experiences in-between! Still showing my love of fashion, experience, food, & beauty, but also keeping myself how I originally wanted to be with y'all.


Thank you for loving each step & understanding the balance of it all!

XO, Shea Leigh

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