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Pretty In Pink

Before starting the blog & having the opportunity to try out some AMAZING clothes, my wardrobe was a little bit of color, lots of navy, & TONS of black.

Now I have the best rosy pink sweater just in time for the chilly weather & Valentine's Day!!

I shared this sweater on instagram with my "fave4hair" post!

{See it HERE!}

I have worn it so many times this season & don't plan on stopping any time soon while the cool weather is sticking around.

I have been needing some color to my wardrobe; steering away from the black, grey, & white that I usually go to. Light pink is girly, fun, & is a sweet-as-can-be color. I decided this cold shoulder sweater from THE PINK LILY with the turtleneck top would be perfect for the look I was going for with this pretty-in-pink color!

You can find this perfect knit sweater on! I have linked it in both bold texts above!

{ps. any of my posts that you see, the bold text below the photos will usually be a link to an item or site that I am mentioning! okay... carry on...}


I've been living in a dream these past few months with so much fun, so many friends, & so many amazing things that came my way! I am so excited for everything going on!

School started up this past week, so the posts may slow down a bit, but keep sending any suggestions of things you want to see or know about me!

I am so excited to start back to classes & hopefully get started on some more work for the radio & tv part of my career!

So much going on!

SO much love to each of you that are along this twisting & turning journey of a life I am living!!

What I would give to have the leaves reverse & go back onto the trees for just a little while longer! I can't believe it's actually snowing now... then 70 degrees the next day! Hoping for a full snow day to stay inside, sip hot cocoa & stay in my pajammies so it actually feels a bit like winter.

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching! Grab this sweater for your perfect pretty-in-pink look for the day of LOVE!!

Have anything you'd like to see for the special holiday? Let me know in a message or comment below!

Thank you for an already great start to 2017!

Xo, Shea Leigh

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