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Adele's Nashville

I cannot get over how incredible my experience at Adele's in Nashville was. It made the gloomy Friday the 13th not so unlucky of a day at all! My friend Shelby & I made reservations to try out their lunch-time menu & I absolutely could not wait to share it with y'all!

My favorite type of restaurants are bright & open, so sitting right next to the tall windows surrounding the building was perfect! Also, it added the natural lighting for snapping some pictures of the outstanding food we indulged in! And maybe a few selfies too...

How cool is the fact that you can actually SEE your meal being prepared? The chefs cook right behind the counter & seeing them enjoy their job added an extra show that we caught ourselves chatting about during our meal. They were very friendly as well, bringing different dishes & treats to the table for us! Hats off for sure!

Let's get started with some appetizers!

Kale Salad, pecorino, topped with anchovy dressing, & bread crumbs.

I've always been one to get a salad with a meal as a side, or even as my main course. I can honestly say that this is the BEST plain salad I have ever had! I started by just taking a bit to try out, but almost every leaf was off of the plate after taking a taste of it. I will be getting this every time I go back to Adele's!


Bruschetta with ricotta & fennel mostarda on top.

If you're a fan of bruschetta at all, try this out! The ricotta & sweet topping was a delicious combo!


Meatballs, polenta, & grana

Shelby & I both absolutely wanted to try this one out as soon as we saw it on the starter menu. We ordered this one right off the bat! The plate was clean immediately... no judgement.


Smoked trout dip & potato chips

When the waitress came to check on us, this is the dish we were shoveling into our mouths, mumbling that we were doing great. I'm a fan of seafood so this was right up my alley, while the chips were thin & crispy; such a perfect combo! We kept this one on the table a little longer to snack on as we talked about all the things that girls chit-chat over: Clothes. Boys. Blogs. & obviously this insanely good food.


Bring on more food!

Gnocchi, walnut-sage pesto, & pecorino

I had never tried this before, but Shelby & I were definitely willing to experience it! It was different, but I liked the dough texture & flavor of it! The only way I can explain it in normal person terms would be like Auntie Anne's pretzel bites that aren't fully cooked yet, then thrown into angel tears for seasoning. If you tasted this dish you'd explain it the exact same way.


JW Chicken topped with salsa verde

I asked our waitress for the most popular menu item & she suggested this. Praise to her! If you want the most tender, {I hate to say it but... moist} & tastefully cooked chicken on McGavock, order this plate! I love salsa verde too, so the topping was just the perfect touch!


Brussel Sprouts

My Papa Chuck always made the best brussel sprouts. No one can top those, but Adele's got pretty dang close! These veggies were so good that even the most stubborn kids would love them.

PS. I really don't know why brussel sprouts have such a bad rep, they really are so good. Especially the ones from Adele's!

JW Potatoes

Back to using simple terms to compare this to people who may be curious, if you love southern style french fries, you'll love these. Just much fancier, of course. But just as delicious! Try them out & you'll see what I mean. Needless to say, we ate them all.

Sweet Tooth Treat

Southern Coconut Cake

If you like, love, or even hate coconut... GET THIS CAKE! I'm the type that after any meal, I need to treat my sweet tooth. When the chef brought this slice of Heaven out, Shelby & I both looked at each other, knowing our New Year diets were about to fly right out the window. We dug right in, but couldn't finish it all, as much as we wanted to. It is rich, delicious, & I need a piece at least once a week please.

Even though their dessert menu items change frequently, this indulgent cake has stayed around longest, due to its popularity!

Inside Adele's

In the lower section of the restaurant, there is more seating & a bar area. With lots of roomy seating, decorated in the great Nashville fashion, this is a wonderful place to grab lunch with friends, sit & talk for hours, or even enjoy a nice meal with someone special. I would add this to my go-to list of places when visiting Nashville!

"...the menu at Adele’s focuses on seasonal, accessible comfort food sourced from local farms and purveyors. The restaurant is open for dinner daily, lunch Friday and Saturdays and now offers a wonderful Sunday brunch buffet. Customized catering options are available as well."

-Adele's online

Get more information about one of Nashville's most poplar, & quickly growing restaurant on their website below:


(615) 988-9700


1210 McGavock St

Nashville, TN 37203


Friday: 11:30am - 3pm

Saturday: 11am - 3pm


Mon + Thurs: 5pm - 10pm

Fri + Sat: 5pm - 11pm

Sunday Supper: 5pm - 9pm

Sunday Brunch Buffet:

10:30am - 2:30pm

*complimentary valet parking*

I want to send a HUGE thank you to Adele's for their incredible service, kind wait staff & all of the delicious food brought to our table throughout our visit. Everyone was so friendly, while the food was beyond delicious. Thank you to the chefs for the extra treats that we were able to enjoy, as well as share with y'all, the readers! With so many great dishes available at Adele's here in Nashville, I suggest getting a group of friends & try as much as you possibly can & share the love around the table. No matter if you're from here or visiting for the weekend, it would never be a waste of time stopping by Adele's for brunch, lunch, or dinner!

PS. Ask for Olivia as your waitress if you can. She was sweet, attentive & made our visit that much more enjoyable!

Hopefully this helps with any questions you may have had or gives you more of an idea about Adele's! If you have ever been here & tried something that I missed, let me know so I can try it out during my next visit! If you have any questions about our visit, just let me know in a comment or message me about it!


Thank you to my sweet sweet friend Shelby Vandenbergh for joining me on my visit!

Check out her article about our time at Adele's on her blog:

Have a favorite Nashville spot? Let me know so I can check it out! Thank you for taking your time to read this article & for the love on the last post!

Y'all are the very best!

Xo, Shea Leigh

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