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Little White Lie

OBSESSED is an understatement when it comes to this skirt & boots! We all hear that "Little White Lie" that you get what you pay for, or that you have to spend a million to look like a million. Believe it or not, this whole look was less than $30!!! Take a look below for details on this hott look!

Me and my fabulous friend, Mallory, went walking around the city & even just while taking these pictures, we got stopped & girls were asking where I got it all! THANKFULLY I have this blog to share information like that with all of y'all!

{similar styles are linked below}

Black T-Shirt... $4

Any black or bold t-shirt will work. I got mine from Old Navy & tucked it into my skirt

White Skirt... $13

Forever 21 had their summer skirts on sale. Somehow in their crazy store, I stumbled across this fabulous white skirt for a great price!

Olive Suede Boots..... JUST $5!!!

GOODWILL. GOODWILL! GOODWILL!!! I am telling you ladies! I stop by Goodwill at random times & happen upon the best stuff! There is no specific time or way to go about it. Just stop in periodically & check stuff out. It's like a treasure hunt... but you may dig up some sexy knee-high boots!

I will never be one to spend a lot on a look that I will not wear many times, or on something that I cannot wear a lot of different ways. You do not have to spend a ton of money to look cute or fashionable. Hit up Goodwill & find things you can make into a cute outfit. Swap with friends on pieces that you both may be getting rid of anyway. Get some summer pieces for super cheap NOW {it's sale time at most retail shops} from your favorite store that can work in your fall wardrobe!

Spend less & still look fab! I promise you can do it! I hope you are all able to find some inexpensive pieces & combine them into your new favorite outfit! If you do, snap a pic & send it my way! I'd love to see!

XO, Shea Leigh

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