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Swing With It

I am obsessed with these comfy swing dresses! I wear the tank-top style of them in the summer, & the long sleeved ones are perfect to style in the cooler months!

Two different dresses, but same type of looks to wear this fall & still look cute!

{Forever 21}




UPDATE! Target currently has all boots/booties 30% off!! Gettem while you can!

Nothing says 'SUCCESSFUL PHOTOSHOOT' like a busted lip from a light reflector....

I strongly encourage getting some cute dresses like these! They are very popular right now as is, & they are so easy to style in different & adorable ways. Below are some different links to shop this look!

I hope you all have a great rest of the week! My family & I are beginning to get ready for the holidays, planning trips to be together & new traditions to start! I will be headed back to Illinois this week to spend time with my family for THANKSGIVING! If there is anyting else y'all would like to see, feel free to leave comment or send me a message! Thank you for taking time to check out this post!! Y'all are the best!

ps. Thank you for the sudden & pleasantly suprising rise is following on the blog & on instagram! It means the world to me!!

XO, Shea Leigh

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