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Gravity Fitness

I am so excited to share this fun, bright post with y'all!

Gravity Fitness has a great line of travel friendly fitness gear for the health-savy folks out there! Each item comes with an instructional guide to make it easy to use & quick to rock your workout! Created by two former college athletes, they now work hard as Physical Therapists and have created a company that knows first hand how to treat wellness & recovery. They make it easy to take on the go & fun use!

These super soft, neoprene padded Lifting Straps maximize comfort during your workout! The thicker {2mm} polyester webbing provide optimal strength & extreme durability. Reminding me of my gymnastics days, they have included the chalk ball as well & a premium lifting strap, as they create the ultimate grip package for any person wanting to get into shape. The included Nylon storage bag makes fitness on the go simple & convenient.

Work. Those. Abs. I use the Core Sliders to sculpt my booty & legs, but to also to kill my core. I use them on my feet, sliding the plastic side on carpet to do mountain climbers, in-and-outs, & knee-to-chest workouts! The pear-shaped design optimizes ergonomics by increasing the natural contact position of your hands & feet. Dual sided disc provides versatility... a fabric side for hard floors... smooth side for carpets!

Developed by physical therapists, use the Gravity Fitness Foam Roller for muscle & tendon flexibility, spinal & peripheral joint mobility, training recovery, athletic conditioning, rehabilitation, injury prevention, yoga, & core strengthening. You will probably look much less awkward using this tool, but hey.. IT WORKS! No matter how goofy I look :)

Stretching is SO important! When I used to be a cheerleader, we would stretch before, after, & all throughout practice! Keep your muscles loose during your workout. Use GF's Muscle Stick to maximize flexibility & recover from muscle soreness. Perfect for all athletes including runners, dancers, cheerleaders, cross fitters & more!

If you're anything like me, you like to workout alone sometimes. However, with the multiple looped Stretching Strap it allows for better stretching of your muscle groups without the need of a partner. Perfect for the loner I occasionally enjoy being!

When you're all done kickin' your arms, abs, & booty into shape, Gravity Fitness makes it easy to kill your workout, pack up & go! Nylon travel bags keep your equipment clean & organized!

The VAULT is GF's free membership account on their site. {}

"We make exercise videos of all the product guides plus bonus exercises. Also additional programs and other fitness related content available for free. Users just have to create an account on that link. Basically its our way of making sure people get the most out of their product by showing them how to use it!"

Gravity Fitness is an amazing company that works to please its customers & to be sure they are the healthiest they can possibly be! Try out their Vault Membership, or even test out some of their products! Use code SheaLeighGF to get 15% off of your purchase now!

Get into shape with Gravity Fitness along with me & let me know what you think of their amazing products from your own personal experience!

XO, Shea Leigh

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