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10 fun facts for new faces!

I am so excited and feel so blessed to say HELLO to the many new faces around here!! I am so thrilled to share more of my life with even more people! It’s a new year to dive into things that I love, such as food, fashion, my faith, home style, past travels & everything in between! I wanted to re-introduce myself to all of you & to my new friends here on!!

  1. I am originally from a VERY small town in Southern Illinois!

  2. I moved to Nashville at 18 after feeling very led by God... He has guided me every step of the way. I know I definitely made the right decision!

  3. I have two brothers! One older named Grant & a little brother named Brockton!

  4. I went to college for Radio & Television and LOVED it, but ultimately ended up creating my blog in 2016 & now do this full time.

  5. I would LOVE to have a place on the beach one day! Anywhere at all with sand & sunshine... count me in!

  6. I have a weird thing with repetition... I will rewatch the same movie, read the same book or do the same routine just for the comfort of it all.

  7. Oh yeah! I am 23 years old & will be 24 on March 27th of this year!

  8. I could cook & bake ALL day if I was able to! It is my therapy & I love every moment of creating delicious food & desserts!

  9. My favorite subject in school was history & psychology! I love learning about the past & why people are the way that they are! The mind & the past are VERY interesting to me!

  10. My pantry stays LOADED yall! You want cheddar blasted goldfish? Got it! Maybe you’re craving some m&ms. Do Oreos sound good? Come on over & get your snack on!!

May not be your typical 10 fun facts, but they’re just a little something to get you started while you learn more about me! be sure to follow me on Instagram to see day-to-day life over at the Mills household! Some days are slow & casual, and some days I can’t keep my head screwed on straight. It’s all a part of REAL LIFE & I am so happy you’re here to follow along & navigate it all with me!!

NCRTD!! i love y’all!!


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