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Holiday Gift Starter Guide for Her!

Ladies, we all know how it goes. "I don't care, just get me whatever!"

Mentally, we have an ongoing list of every item we have seen for the past 3 months & we want it ALL! Here is an easy start up list to help your friends, family, or boo-thang get you all you have ever wanted for the holidays! Send them the link to this post & you'll have your presents wrapped up by the time you get done reading!

Click any of the photos to go directly to the product's page!!

Pampered to Perfection:

Every girl loves to be pampered. These items are for the hardworking ladies that need. a. break! Soak in the tub a little deeper with bath bombs, then paint those pretty nails every shade of pink! With these lotions, suds & paper-me goodies, you will be set for ultimate relaxation!

Klassic Kits:

I love a good bundle & when it's a beauty kit full of my faves, you know that I'm already hooked! These sets of lipgloss, makeup, eye shadows & more are stacked FULL of all the girly-necessities. One of these kits will have you packed up & ready to go with the flip of a zipper!

Cute & Cozy:

This section is my very favorite! When I am at home, you can bet your bottom dollar that I am either in my fuzzy slippers, or cuddled up with a warm blanket. Ask any of my girlfriends... they know I love my matching pajammie sets too! This collections has the BEST selection to choose from, all at amazing prices for the holidays!

Sporty Stockings:

This one is for my kick-booty girls that love their workout gear to be as cute as can be. But it is also for my homegirls that like to dress as though we went to the gym, even though we are just comfier in these clothes. {I am girl #2.} Shop these athleisure wear looks for potentially starting a New Year's resolution to get in the best shape of your life!

{Or just for more cute, comfy clothes}

Glam & Glitter:

This one includes lots of my personal makeup favorites, as well at the recommendations from you guys! Lots of girls love their own makeup, but sometimes it is fun to mix it up & try something new! The sales on these pretty items can do just that & save you some $$$ while doing it!

I have been getting a crazy amount of emails about doing Holiday Guide, so I really hope it helps all the lost boys out there trying to surprise their girls. I also hope you ladies have some new ideas of what to ask for this holiday season!

It is 11:36 at night & I'm throwing this up on the site in the morning before I head to Illinois for Thanksgiving. BUT, I wanted to just share a few of the great gift ideas I had, as well as the ones I got sent by my lovely, creative, amazing followers! Thank you a million to everyone who sent in requests for this post & for those of y'all who sent ideas of gifts!

Have anymore thoughts? Comment your favorite holiday wish-list items below to share your ideas!! I'm sure you'd be helping LOTS of readers out!

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving full of love, joy, gratitude & family time!!

I am so incredibly thankful for each & every one of my friends, family members, & followers that takes the time to send constant encouragement my way! I could not do all of this without you!!

xo, Shea Leigh

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